P!NK and Kelly Clarkson’s Soundwaves Art Raises $60,000 for Charity

Renowned pop artists Pink and Kelly Clarkson have teamed up with Soundwaves Art to raise money for the nonprofit organization No Kid Hungry. Through this collaboration, unique artworks inspired by the sound waves from each artist’s music have been created, with proceeds from the sale of these pieces directly benefiting the cause.

Soundwaves Art has transformed the sound waves from Pink’s hit song “What About Us” and Kelly Clarkson’s chart-topper “Since U Been Gone” into visually stunning artworks. Fans have the opportunity to purchase these limited edition pieces, which are also hand-signed by the artists, adding a personal touch to the initiative. The collaboration aims to raise awareness and funds for No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in the United States.

The partnership between Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Soundwaves Art demonstrates the artists’ commitment to using their platform for positive change. By combining their musical talents with unique art, they are supporting an important cause and engaging their fans in the fight against childhood hunger. The initiative has already garnered significant attention and support, showcasing the power of music and art in making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Pink and Kelly Clarkson’s collaboration with Soundwaves Art exemplifies how artists can use their creativity and influence to benefit charitable causes. The funds raised through the sale of these distinctive artworks will have a significant impact on No Kid Hungry’s mission to ensure that every child in the United States has access to nutritious food.