Crystal Starr Unveils Heartfelt Insights: An Exclusive Interview on “Too Late”

Crystal Starr "Too Late"

Step into the world of Crystal Starr, where music becomes a vessel for raw emotion and storytelling. With her latest release, “Too Late,” Crystal takes listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of love, wrapped in a melody that tugs at heartstrings and lyrics that resonate with universal truths. Join us as we delve into the depths of Crystal Starr‘s musical universe, exploring the inspiration behind her latest single and the essence of her artistry.

“God will always lead you in the right direction if you let him.”

Crystal Starr

Congratulations on the release of “Too Late”! Could you share the inspiration behind the song and what message you hope listeners take away from it?

Someone I knew was going through some hard times and it reminded me of how many times we can forgive and keep going back until we are black and blue in the face. And the person takes our forgiveness as a weakness and keeps doing the same thing over and over again, which is a good thing but also can hold us back in our lives. Toxic love can be a hard habit to break. But once we are fed up there’s no going back. It seems as if when we are truly done and doing well while looking good at it, that’s when they come running back. 

Your album Pop Starr is highly anticipated. How does “Too Late” fit into the overall narrative or vibe of the album? 

This album is a narrative of love. The many ups and downs we all go through in relationships.  Love is such a complex word and action. It can come in many shapes and colors. This album does the same. It takes you through the many shapes and colors of love and music. I think I may even have a love-hate relationship with music. There are times when I’m in love with it. And there are times when I’m brokenhearted with it. There are times when I feel insecure about it. But I ALWAYS end up back with it lol. I know God definitely has His hand on this album. It’s the first time I’ve allowed myself to be creatively free and transparent in my songwriting and productions.

The track was written by Allen Rich, known for Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Run to You.” How did this collaboration come about?

I was introduced to him by Jason Dauman CEO of Dauman Records who thought it would be a perfect match in which it was. It was a writing collaboration between myself Allan and my two producers Bizkit and Butta. We honestly had such a fun time writing it.

Can you walk us through the creative process behind “Too Late,” from inception to completion? Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced and how did you overcome them?

At the beginning of our session, we started writing a totally different song.  It wasn’t until we began just randomly started talking about what I was going through at that moment that the song came into conception. That’s typically how it is though. God will always lead you in the right direction if you let him. We organically began writing the song once I started opening up about my life experiences. 

As an artist constantly evolving, what do you hope listeners discover about you through “Too Late” that they may not have heard in your previous works?

The maturity in my growth as an artist. I don’t want people to see me as your typical pop star. I want people to hear me first and see me after. I want people to experience the world I see when they hear my music. As I grow as an artist I hope for people to open their ears up to a new sound that brings them into the Crystal Starr world. 

You are the founder of Little Voices a non-profit foundation benefiting inner-city youth and children in the foster care system. What inspired you to establish Little Voices, and how has it evolved since its inception?

My heart has always been for Children. I can’t imagine my life without my parents and can’t even imagine what it must be like to be in their shoes. To be torn away from my family seems like a nightmare. Which many kids endure every day. I just wanted to use my gift for them and if I could make an impact on just one child I’ve done my job. To date, we’ve impacted over 1 million children in Foster care globally with Little Voices and for that I’m grateful. We will continue to impact children as I continue to grow as an artist. 

Your career spans singing, songwriting, producing, and philanthropy. What aspect of your work brings you the most fulfillment?

Giving all the glory to God for every struggle that I’ve overcome, every No I superseded, and every hard lesson I chose to learn from. The best part for me is the climb.

Can you share any pivotal moments or experiences that have shaped your journey as an artist?

If I could have an answer to this question my only honest answer would be that I was never signed because I didn’t “fit” the status quo. I didn’t fit into any box so therefore I had to create my own box. I had to learn how to do many things on my own because I didn’t have the machine running behind me doing it for me. It taught me to believe in myself when no one else did which gave me the room to create whoever I wanted to be without compromising into someone else’s idea of who I should be as an artist which then gave me success. 

What sets your music apart from others in the industry? 

I would have to let the listener answer this question. 

Lastly, what’s next for Crystal Starr after the release of “Too Late”?

In June we are releasing another single which is extremely dear to my heart. I’m also beginning to open up my creative process on my YouTube page. It’s the first time I’ve allowed the camera to show my life in such a way. I’m extremely private but am beginning to see the importance of sharing a little about my process so the next generation can be inspired and to know that they can also be successful if they can just believe.