White Collar Prison: The Perfect Satire Album to Ring in The American Elections

White Collar Prison: The Perfect Satire Album to Ring in The American Elections

Political scandals and financial debacles have become a dime a dozen, and so White Collar Prison bursts onto the scene with a satirical flair that captures the absurdity of modern-day white-collar crime. Created by Neil Garguilo and Gregory James Jenkins, this 26-track musical album offers a hilarious yet poignant critique of the justice system, embodied through the farcical journey of Congressman Richard Dutch.

The concept of White Collar Prison was born in the early days of the pandemic. Neil Garguilo found himself engrossed in Fyre Festival documentaries, which led him down a rabbit hole of infamous white-collar criminals and their cushy penitentiary experiences. With the Donald Trump farce occurring simultaneously, inspiration flowed through Garguilo and Jenkins that envisioned a musical that would lampoon the inequities of the justice system. 

White Collar Prison deftly combines humor and critique, aiming its sharp wit at the discrepancies in how justice is meted out to the wealthy. The album was proceeded with the duo’s debut track “If It’s Not Too Much Trouble (You’re Going to Jail),” a tongue-in-cheek anthem that sets the tone for the entire musical. With lyrics that mockingly apologize for the inconvenience of jailing a rich criminal, the song underscores the privileged treatment often afforded to white-collar offenders.

The musical centers around Congressman Richard Dutch, a composite character representing the myriad of real-life figures who have skirted justice through wealth and influence. Dutch’s journey through the so-called justice system is a comedic yet insightful portrayal of how money and power can insulate individuals from the full consequences of their actions.

Dutch is portrayed not as a villainous mastermind, but as a naive child in a man’s body, cluelessly navigating the repercussions of his crimes. This characterization, brought to life by Jenkins’ performance, adds a layer of humor that makes the satirical punch even stronger.

The album boasts an impressive ensemble cast, featuring talents from both television and Broadway. From Lucas Grabeel to Mary Birdsong, each cast member brings their unique flair to the project, elevating the musical to new heights. Lauren Evans, in particular, shines in her role as the judge, delivering a performance that perfectly balances earnest authority and satirical undertones.Creating White Collar Prison was as collaborative as it was creative. Garguilo and Jenkins spent countless hours refining their vision, ensuring that each song and character contributed to the overarching satire. 

As White Collar Prison makes its way into the world, Garguilo and Jenkins are already dreaming up their next project. Their ultimate goal is to bring White Collar Prison from album to stage, where its satirical brilliance can be fully realized in a live setting. For now, they invite listeners to enjoy the album and reflect on the absurdities of the justice system it so humorously critiques.

Cast List of “White Collar Prison” 

White Collar Prison: The Perfect Satire Album to Ring in The American Elections
Neil Garguilo and Gregory James Jenkins

Music by: Gregory James Jenkins

Book and Lyrics by: Neil Garguilo

  • Gregory James Jenkins – Composer
    • Instagram (@gregtronic)
  • Neil Garguilo – Book and Lyrics
    • Instagram (@neilgarguilo)
  • Lucas Grabeel – Burt Bonnaroo
    • Instagram (@mrgrabeel)
  • Alex Lewis – Gizmo Guccini
    • Instagram (@i8athumbtack)
  • Rob Cantor – Cornelius Vanderock
    • Instagram (@robcantor)
  • Marty Shannon – Rudy Giuliani
    • Instagram (@marty_shannon)
  • Mary Birdsong – Susan Dutch
    • Instagram (@marybirdsongofficial)
  • Tommy Bechtold – Prisoner #1
    • Instagram (@tommybechtold)
  • Zabeth Russell –  Daughter Friend Finder Spokeswoman, 50k Lady, Parole Board Officer #2, Parole Board Officer #3
    • Instagram (@thatzabeth)
  • Lauren Evans – The Judge
    • Instagram (@thereallevans)
  • Chris Alvarado – Bobby Brandies
    • Instagram (@chrisalvarado)
  • Brian James O’Connell – Prisoner #3
    • Instagram (@b3oc)
  • Dwayne Colbert – 50k Spokesman
    • Instagram (@dcolbert01)
  • Julia Piker – The Guard
    • Instagram (@juliapiker)
  • Ryan Stout – Twin Pet Spokesman
    • Instagram (@stoutsider)
  • Sean Cowhig – Prisoner #2
    • Instagram (@seasncowhig)
  • Lloyd Ahlquist – Perry McKnight
    • Instagram (@epiclloydofficial)
  • Kristin Sanchez – Cocktail Waitress, Pre-Sorry Spokeswoman
    • Instagram (@siren16x)
  • Adrianne Dayle – Parole Board Member #1, Background Vocals
    • Instagram (@adriannedayle)
  • Faith Graham – Stephanie
    • Instagram (@grahams_of_faith)
  • Marc Lessman – Doo Wop Prisoner
  • Charlee Marie – Stacy
  • Kip Smedley – Sound Design
    • Instagram (@kipatronic)