Berlin Echoes: The Last Dinner Party’s “Nothing Matters”

The Last Dinner Party

Ready to embark on a tempestuous odyssey with The Last Dinner Party ‘s live rendition of “Nothing Matters” in Berlin?

It unfolds like a vivid tapestry of raw emotion and untamed energy, a phenomenon that soars beyond the confines of mere auditory experience.

The London-based indie rock band is already renowned for their chart-topping debut “Prelude to Ecstasy”, which has cemented their status for good.

Abigail Morris’s vocals yes is the pulsating heart of the performance, with every bar being an earnest as possible #soulfulvibes. Lizzie Mayland and Emily Roberts, create a rich, textured canvas for Morris’s voice to dance upon. Meanwhile, Georgia Davies‘ bass notes are the steady thrum of an adrenaline-fueled heartbeat, driving the melody forward. Aurora Nishevci‘s kaleidoscope of keyboard tones adds layers of complexity, a colorful backdrop to the tapestry.

The Berlin air, electrified with the band’s baroque-pop sound and art-rock vigor, reminiscent of iconic influences from ABBA to Bowie, becomes a sanctuary where the usual boundaries between artist and audience blur into insignificance. “Nothing Matters” is performed with a passion that’s almost palpable, a declaration that in the eye of music’s storm, only this moment exists.

The refrain, “And you can hold me like he held her, and I will fuck you like nothing matters,” resonates with a revelatory boldness, a mantra for those caught in the whirlwind of fleeting connections. It’s a call to abandon inhibition, a fierce embrace of the present.

As they embark on their global tour, their concerts promise to be a crucible of sensory delight, a catalyst for the kind of feverish devotion only music can inspire.

The Last Dinner Party

In the afterglow of this live experience, one can only agree — with The Last Dinner Party, nothing really does matter except the music, the moment, and the rapture they conjure. This version of “Nothing Matters” is not just a song; it’s an anthem for the disenchanted, a symphony for the seekers, and a testament to the band’s skyrocketing trajectory in the firmament of modern rock.

For those looking to get swept away, find “Nothing Matters” in the live echoes of Berlin and discover a performance that defies the ephemeral and captures eternity in a chord.

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Tour dates here:

MAY 2024

  • 25: BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend – Luton, England

JUNE 2024

  • 6-8: Primavera Sound Festival – Porto, Portugal
  • 20-22: Metronome Festival – Prague, Czechia
  • 22: Hurricane Festival – Scheeßel, Germany
  • 23: Southside Festival – Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany
  • 26-30: Glastonbury Festival (Sold Out) – Pilton, England
  • 29 – JUL 6: Roskilde Festival – Roskilde, Denmark

JULY 2024

  • 5-7: Down The Rabbit Hole – Ewijk, Netherlands
  • 6: Rock Werchter – Rotselaar, Belgium
  • 12: TRNSMT – Glasgow, Scotland
  • 20: Riverstage – Brisbane/Meanjin, Australia
  • 22: Festival Hall – Melbourne/Naarm, Australia
  • 23: The Hordern Pavilion – Sydney/Eora, Australia
  • 26-28: Fuji Rock Festival – Naeba Ski Resort, Niigata, Japan
  • 31: The Truman – Kansas City, MO


  • 1-4: Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL
  • 2: Hinterland Music Festival – Saint Charles, IA
  • 6: Gothic Theatre (Sold Out) – Englewood, CO
  • 7: The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
  • 10: The Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
  • 22: Rock en Seine – Paris, France
  • 24: Reading Festival – Reading, England
  • 25: Leeds Festival – Leeds, England


  • 18: The Telegraph Building (Sold Out) – Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 20: O2 Academy Glasgow (Sold Out) – Glasgow, Scotland
  • 21: O2 Victoria Warehouse (Sold Out) – Manchester, England
  • 23: O2 City Hall Newcastle (Sold Out) – Newcastle, England
  • 24: O2 Academy Leeds (Sold Out) – Leeds, England
  • 25: Octagon Centre (Sold Out) – Sheffield, England


  • 4: O2 Academy Bristol (Sold Out) – Bristol, England
  • 5: O2 Guildhall (Sold Out) – Southampton, England
  • 7-8: 3Olympia Theatre (Sold Out) – Dublin, Ireland
  • 10: O2 Academy Glasgow (Sold Out) – Glasgow, Scotland
  • 11: O2 Victoria Warehouse (Sold Out) – Manchester, England
  • 12: Mountford Hall (Sold Out) – Liverpool, England
  • 14: The Corn Exchange (Sold Out) – Cambridge, England
  • 16: Eventim Apollo (Sold Out) – London, England
  • 17: Eventim Apollo – London, England
  • 19: Eventim Apollo – London, England

Stream the live version below: Look for The Last Dinner Party’s live sessions and feel the pulse of “Nothing Matters” reverberate through your very being.