Taylor Swift Unveils Dramatic Video for Post Malone Collab “Fortnight”

taylor swift

Taylor Swift has unveiled the music video for “Fortnight,” the lead single from her recently released album The Tortured Poets Department. The song features a collaboration with rapper Post Malone.

The visually striking video, directed by Swift herself, opens with a darkly gothic scene. Clad in dramatic makeup and bound to a bed in an upside-down room, Swift embodies a sense of vulnerability and entrapment. The scene quickly shifts, revealing facial tattoos mirroring Malone’s, hinting at a deeper connection between the artists.

Throughout the video, Swift and Malone engage in a series of symbolic actions. Hammering away at typewriters emblazoned with the lyrics “I love you, it’s ruining my life,” the pair convey the complexities and destructive nature of love. Frantic searches through files and emotional embraces further emphasize the turmoil of their relationship.

As the video progresses, the imagery becomes increasingly surreal. Swift finds herself subjected to experimentation by a group of scientists, one of whom appears to be Malone himself. Malone, meanwhile, delivers a powerful vocal performance while seeking refuge from a downpour within a phone booth.

While critical reception for The Tortured Poets Department has been mixed, the “Fortnight” music video offers a captivating visual exploration of the song’s themes. Swift’s willingness to push creative boundaries and explore darker narratives is undeniable. Whether this artistic direction resonates with fans remains to be seen, but “Fortnight” is sure to spark conversation.