Orion Sun Drops Latest Track “Already Gone”

Orion Sun

After stepping back for two years following her debut EP “Getaway” and touring with Daniel Caesar on his “Superpowers” world tour, Orion Sun makes a striking return with her latest single, “Already Gone.”

Orion Sun steps back into the spotlight with “Already Gone,” a track that showcases her heavenly voice and floaty sound. This release marks her comeback after a break that began with her tour supporting Daniel Caesar.

The new single, “Already Gone,” explores Orion’s personal journey and the sudden changes brought by a breakup. The lyrics, “Got ahead of me but I was catching up. Got there and you were already gone,” reflect her emotional turmoil. The music video enhances the song’s atmosphere, featuring Orion alone against a tree, surrounded by evocative mood lighting and a mix of expansive and tight shots.

Discussing the single, Orion shares, “It’s about that first night alone after your partner has moved out and you realize things will never be the same. Trying to escape or fix it doesn’t change the fact that you have to face the reality. The silence felt as heavy as water. Every action felt monumental. I clung to hope as if it were a life raft. Looking back, it feels over the top and almost humorous, but at the time, it was deeply real for me.”