Faye Webster Unveils Underdressed At The Symphony, Teams Up With Lil Yachty for “Lego Ring”

faye webster

Faye Webster, the eclectic indie artist, has excitedly announced her new album Underdressed At The Symphony, marking the occasion with an engaging collaboration titled “Lego Ring” featuring hip-hop artist Lil Yachty. This collaboration bridges the gap between indie and hip-hop, creating a uniquely vibrant musical experience.

The music video for “Lego Ring,” directed by Kyle Ng of Braindead Studios, captures the essence of the song’s lighthearted and carefree vibes. Webster and Yachty are seen enjoying a video game akin to Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but with a more vivid and colorful twist. The video, complementing the song’s playful nature, invites viewers to partake in the fun, with further details accessible online.

Fans of Webster’s music can look forward to Underdressed At The Symphony being available in a variety of formats, including CD, cassette, standard vinyl, and special editions like the “Faye Blue” and a limited-edition B&W bullseye vinyl. This variety ensures that every fan can enjoy the album in their preferred format.

Moreover, Faye Webster is not slowing down on the live music front. She has a busy touring schedule ahead, with dates across Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Additionally, Webster is set to grace various music festivals around the world, including Spain’s Primavera Sound and Tennessee’s Bonnaroo, offering fans multiple opportunities to experience her live performances. A complete list of her tour dates is available for those interested.

Reflecting on her friendship with Lil Yachty, Webster shared in a 2021 interview, “We basically came from the same place and were doing the same thing, so it’s really inspiring to see him thrive. You know, it makes me feel like, ‘OK, well if I work really hard, too…’ I think just sharing ideas with him… What we do is so different, but when we’re together, it doesn’t feel that way at all.” This sense of mutual inspiration and respect is evident in their latest collaboration.

The “Lego Ring” video is a delightful preview of what’s to come in Webster’s upcoming album. Fans are invited to immerse themselves in the video and to stay tuned for the full tracklist and cover art of Underdressed At The Symphony, which promises to be another significant addition to her growing discography.