Waxahatchee Announces New Album Tigers Blood With the Release of Enchanting Single “Right Back To It”


After a captivating collaboration with Jess Williamson on the 2022 Plains album I Walked With You A Ways, Waxahatchee, the project of Katie Crutchfield, is making a much-anticipated return. Fans of Waxahatchee can rejoice as Crutchfield announces her upcoming sixth album, Tigers Blood, scheduled for release on March 22. This marks her first LP since the acclaimed ‘Saint Cloud’ in early 2020, ending a nearly four-year wait for new solo material.

Adding to the excitement, Waxahatchee has also unveiled a new single titled “Right Back To It,” featuring MJ Lenderman from Wednesday. The song is a midtempo track with a country flair, showcasing Crutchfield’s unique vocal prowess complemented by Lenderman’s harmonies. The accompanying video offers a visual treat that enhances the song’s allure.

Tigers Blood promises to be a rich addition to Waxahatchee’s discography. The announced tracklist includes intriguing titles like “3 Sisters,” “Evil Spawn,” and the eponymous Tigers Blood, suggesting a diverse and profound musical journey. Below is the complete tracklist for Tigers Blood:

  1. “3 Sisters”
  2. “Evil Spawn”
  3. “Ice Cold”
  4. “Right Back To It”
  5. “Burns Out At Midnight”
  6. “Bored”
  7. “Lone Star Lake”
  8. “Crimes Of The Heart”
  9. “Crowbar”
  10. “365”
  11. “The Wolves”
  12. “Tigers Blood”

Fans can now indulge in the latest single “Right Back To It” as a precursor to the full album experience awaiting them in March.