CMAT – Crazymad, For Me Review: Dublin’s Dolly Parton

Dublin’s Musical Maestro CMAT Reinvents Pop-Country Fusion with Crazymad, For Me.

CMAT, an artist often likened to Dublin’s answer to Dolly Parton, has done it again with her sophomore album, Crazymad, For Me. Following her standout debut, If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, she continues to impress with her unique blend of catchy pop songs and country-inspired melodies, taking her music to new heights. A concept album centered around heartbreak and time travel, CMAT’s latest offering combines raw emotion with playful absurdity, establishing her as one of the most captivating pop acts of the 2020s.

The album unfolds with future CMAT, aged 47, setting off for the desert to confront the aftermath of a significant breakup, as portrayed in “California.’ While the lyrics brim with anger, the music envelops the listener with a mix of simplistic R&B beats and passive Western-inspired riffs, offering a somewhat comforting contrast. As the album progresses, tracks like “Where Are Your Kids Tonight,” featuring John Grant, showcase CMAT’s powerhouse vocals, reminiscent of Paloma Faith or Duffy, effectively conveying complex narratives even through subtle vocal nuances.

Crazymad, For Me navigates the realms of desperation, as evident in “Rent,” and denial, as portrayed in “Can’t Make Up My Mind.” Throughout, CMAT maintains authenticity in her storytelling. The album’s production, often melodramatic and over-the-top, mirrors the rollercoaster of emotions associated with heartbreak. However, CMAT’s ability to infuse humor into her melodrama adds a layer of refreshing sincerity and self-awareness, steering clear of self-pity. Strings and emotionally charged vocals meet humorous pop culture references in tracks like “Such a Miranda” and “Vincent Kompany.” Songs like “Rent” and “I…Hate Who I Am When I’m Horny” showcase CMAT’s witty lyricism and distinctive songwriting, positioning her as an original in today’s music landscape.

As the album progresses, the emotional rollercoaster leads to a satisfying catharsis. “Stay for Something” provides the perfect soundtrack for a late-night city drive with the sunroof down, while ‘Have Fun!’ is a straight-to-the-point pop masterpiece, reflecting on earlier heartbreak with a sense of disbelief.

CMAT - Crazymad For Me

CMAT takes listeners on a journey that ranges from laughter to emotional depth, proving her brilliance and unmatched talent. She continues to redefine expectations, delivering an inventive, intoxicating, and deliciously camp musical experience that leaves a lasting impression. CMAT’s Crazymad, For Me is a testament to her unique artistry and boundless creativity in the realm of pop-country fusion.