Suki Waterhouse – My Fun

Suki Waterhouse

She recently performed at Coachella 2024 and welcomed a new baby, adding to her memorable year!

Suki Waterhouse recently dropped two new singles, “My Fun” and “Faded”. The former track, a lively pop anthem reminiscent of the Rolling Stones, contrasts sharply with “Faded,” a poignant ballad imbued with mellow vibes. Both songs are accompanied by vibrant, stop-motion animations by Callum Scott-Dyson, who drew inspiration from iconic cut-out animations like those in Monty Python.

“Faded” is crafted by Waterhouse, Raj Jain, and Peter Labberton, who brought its subtle, washed-out tones to life. The song explores themes of nostalgia and fleeting moments, encapsulated in lyrics that resonate deeply, such as “time slips away when you let it,” emphasizing the transient nature of life’s peak moments.

Suki drives heartfelt emotions and clear pictures (see the visualizer for more), gets into the deep feelings of love and self. With straightforward lyrics like “Blood on the grass, blood on my knees,” and the cheerful line, “Who loves me like I love my fun,” the song moves from tough times to moments of happiness. It’s a track that celebrates finding out who you are and the joy of meeting someone who really gets you.

Both “My Fun” and “Faded” will feature on Waterhouse’s upcoming album scheduled for release later this year. She also performed @ Coachella Festival last week and Seattle’s Day In Day Out Festival this summer.

Continuing her musical journey, Waterhouse follows her successful 2022 debut with Sub Pop, captivating fans globally and starring in the acclaimed series “Daisy Jones & The Six.”

“My Fun” & “Faded” by Suki Waterhouse, out now on Sub Pop Records. Stream on your favorite service.