Ariana Grande Prepares Deluxe Edition of ‘Eternal Sunshine’

Eternal Sunshine

Ariana Grande has announced that a deluxe edition of her album ‘eternal sunshine‘ is underway, but fans shouldn’t expect its release anytime soon.

During her recent interview, Grande shared details about the upcoming deluxe version. She emphasized her desire to let the original album enjoy more time in the spotlight before introducing the new edition. Grande is focused on perfecting her vision for the deluxe edition and ensuring it meets expectations. She mentioned being inspired to write additional songs and feeling compelled to add a creative touch to the album’s narrative, highlighting an unnamed “final song” as one of her most cherished compositions.

Grande is also preparing for the promotional tour of the upcoming film adaptation of Wicked, which is a priority as its release approaches later this year. She hinted at the deluxe edition being a surprise for fans, stating that it won’t be available very soon. Grande is balancing her schedule to dedicate herself fully to the Wicked project when the time comes, promising more updates on the deluxe edition’s timing in the near future.

eternal sunshine‘ was launched in March 2024 and is Grande‘s first major album since 2020, following a busy schedule of yearly releases in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The album debuted at the top of the charts, marking her sixth No. 1 album.