Ariana Grande Unveils Release Date for Anticipated Album ‘Eternal Sunshine’

ariana grande

Pop sensation Ariana Grande has set the music world abuzz with the announcement of her latest album Eternal Sunshine, scheduled for release on March 8. The reveal came through an elegantly crafted photo slideshow on her social media channels, showcasing the album cover, accompanied by the succinct caption: “‘Eternal Sunshine’ 3.8”.

Fans eager to secure their copy can head to Grande’s official website, where Eternal Sunshine is currently available for pre-order. The website tantalizes with four limited edition vinyl versions, each boasting unique cover art. Currently, only the red vinyl edition, featuring the cover art Grande shared, is visible, with the remaining three variants poised for future unveiling.

This new chapter in Grande’s illustrious career coincides with a shift in her management landscape. Last summer, she amicably parted ways with her long-term manager Scooter Braun, after a decade-long collaboration.

January 12 marked Grande’s striking return to the music scene with her latest single, ‘Yes, And?’. A blend of personal reflection and a house-inspired beat reminiscent of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’, the song was recorded in New York City. Grande, along with the famed Max Martin and Ilya Salmanzadeh, handled both the writing and production, showcasing her multifaceted artistry.

‘Yes, And?’, serving as the lead single for Eternal Sunshine, follows Grande’s successful 2020 album Positions. The accompanying music video, released simultaneously, features Grande confronting her critics through a series of intimate, live renditions of the song.

NME’s review lauds ‘Yes, And?’ for presenting Grande in her most authentic form: “a flawed but honest human being, seeking to own her narrative and move forward.” While it may not echo the seismic impact of hits like ‘Into You’ or ‘No Tears Left To Cry’, it’s a testament to Grande’s ability to continually evolve and express her truth through music.

Hints of Grande’s upcoming project first surfaced when she began sending notes and red lipsticks to fans, subtly indicating Ilya Salmanzadeh’s involvement. Salmanzadeh, a long-time collaborator, has been instrumental in producing Grande hits such as “Problem”, “Bad Idea”, “Breathin”, and “Santa Tell Me”.

As March 8 approaches, fans eagerly await the unfolding of Eternal Sunshine, an album that promises to add yet another illustrious chapter to Ariana Grande’s remarkable musical journey.