Ariana Grande & Cynthia Erivo’s “Wicked” Connection: Co-Star Teases Special Bond and Musical Harmony

Cynthia Erivo

As concert movies dominated theaters in 2023, anticipation for musicals like Mean Girls and Wicked, starring Ariana Grande, is on the rise for 2024. In a recent tease on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, Cynthia Erivo, Grande’s co-star in Wicked, shared insights into their onscreen chemistry.

Erivo, who plays alongside Grande in the two-part adaptation of Wicked, expressed the special bond they’ve developed during the production. When asked about working with Grande, Erivo said, “The connection we’ve made is really special. She’s got a family member [in me] for life now.”

The actress continued to praise their musical collaboration, stating, “I don’t know that we realized that our voices would fit so well together. Our voices are very, very different, but when we sing together, it just works. [Ariana] calls it worming. I don’t know why. I guess [because] we sort of find each other.”

Despite production challenges and strikes, Erivo emphasized the positive experience on set, expressing excitement about the upcoming release. “I’m so excited. We’ve had a really good time on set, and it just is a wonderful, wonderful vibe. We’re working really hard,” she shared.

Wicked is scheduled to hit theaters on November 27, 2024. Fans can catch the full interview on The Late Show to get a glimpse of the camaraderie between Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo.