Dolly Parton’s “Rockstar” Album Review: A Rhinestone Rocker with Explosive Positivity

dolly parton

Dolly Parton, the Queen of Country, has thrown up the Devil horns in her latest album, ‘Rockstar,’ a 30-song rhinestone rocker that exudes explosive positivity. Known for her positive and grateful demeanor, Dolly Parton has curated an album that lassoes in big names like Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Miley Cyrus, and even Kid Rock for an upbeat musical experience.

Dolly’s venture into the rock genre was sparked by her induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last year. Initially hesitant, she declined the invitation, stating, “I don’t feel that I have earned that right… This has, however, inspired me to put out a hopefully great rock’n’roll album at some point in the future, which I have always wanted to do!” Eventually, she changed her mind and graced the Hall’s ceremony with a performance of Rockin with a jewel-encrusted guitar.

The album features nine original tracks and covers of iconic anthems, creating a diverse tracklist. The surviving members of The Beatles join Dolly for a bombastic rendition of “Let It Be.” Miley Cyrus collaborates on reimagining “Wrecking Ball” as an ’80s rock ballad.

Dolly’s inclusiveness in her choice of collaborators has drawn attention, particularly for featuring Kid Rock on “Either Or.” However, she defended her choice with her characteristic bonhomie, stating, “I don’t condemn or criticize. I just accept and love.” Lizzo‘s contribution with a gorgeous flute trill on “Stairway to Heaven” adds a delightful touch.

The album’s standout moment is “I Dreamed About Elvis,” a goofy new track featuring country star Ronnie McDowell, who playfully impersonates Elvis Presley. The song turns into a joyful duet of Dolly’s classic “I Will Always Love You,” creating a moment of wish fulfillment.

Despite the controversial choices in collaborators, Rockstar remains a vibrant and positive album, mirroring the spirit of the woman behind it.