Jestamang’s ‘8slush’: An Ode To Bonnie’s Psychedelic Rhapsody


In a daring fusion of Baroque Rock and Psych Rock, Jestamang, the brainchild of Andrew Chase Everding or The Ace of Chase, has unveiled their latest release, 8slush (Ode to Bonnie). This 20-minute record is crafted with the finesse of a seasoned artist and the rebellious spirit of a psychedelic pioneer. It’s an album that hits all the right notes, ranging from reflective ballads to electrifying rock anthems, cementing their reputation as a dynamic and transformative force in the scene. 

8slush is a mix of eight tracks, each telling its own story while contributing to a grander narrative of universal themes such as love, self-discovery, and the quest for acceptance. The album’s narrative arc takes the listener through human emotions, with tracks like “Goodbye Yesterday,” serving as a lyrical time machine, blending whimsy with the weight of reflection. Its surreal storytelling grips the audience, transcending the boundaries of conventional songwriting. 


The visuals accompanying “Bloodhouse” elevate the record’s visceral impact, portraying a chaotic inner struggle through a powerhouse of sonic and lyrical intensity. Jestamang’s music video creates a haunting, atmospheric complement to the track’s exploration of conflict and self, making for a compelling and immersive experience. 

Each track is a unique gem, with “Cleverhead” offering an intellectual oasis, and “Jesta Joint” presenting a tableau rich with playful danger and intrigue. Meanwhile, “Friends Till the End” tugs at heartstrings with its homage to unbreakable bonds, and “I Multiply” contemplates the profound ripples of our choices. “Cocaine” casts a light on the web of interconnected lives, and “Guru” anchors the album with its tranquil assurance. 

The Perfect Trip jestamang

The signature touch of Jestamang is the inclusion of a buzzsaw harpsichord across the album, providing a consistent, unyielding backdrop to their psych-rock canvas. In contrast to the adventurous sonics, the lyrics of 8slush command the spotlight with their simplicity and poignancy. It’s a testament to the band’s creative philosophy: embracing simplicity without losing depth. 

Intimacy and personal insight form the bedrock of the album, reflecting the resilience of love and the necessity of self-acceptance in the human journey. Jestamang’s music is a call to make art that resonates with life’s truths until the end of time. 

Watch the music video for “Bloodhouse” here:

Listen to the full album below: