King Isis Conjures Spooky Vibes with “Make It Up” Video: A Halloween-Themed Lover’s Quarrel

king isis

Halloween 2023 has arrived, and while many recording artists like Ice Spice, Megan Thee Stallion, and Chlöe are busy showcasing their extravagant costumes, King Isis takes a different approach. The enigmatic artist is focused on providing the perfect soundtrack for the spooky evening, and their latest single, “Make It Up,” embodies the essence of Halloween.

In the official music video, King Isis fully embraces the ghoulish theme that is synonymous with the holiday. The video takes viewers on a journey where the artist finds themselves entangled in a captivating battle for the heart of a vampire. The eerie and atmospheric visuals perfectly complement the haunting melodies of the track.

With haunting lyrics that touch the soul, King Isis sings, “Waves we undo / Crash and renew / What’s it take for you / Shades of your blue / Sink in my shoes / Drowning in your hues / Still see you in my rear view no I can’t keep running from / Release you I still bleed you hold me like another crutch / I don’t wanna know or let it go how hard it was.”

In a statement provided to Clash Magazine, King Isis delves into the inspiration behind “Make It Up.” The artist reflects on the song’s origins, explaining, “I wrote the first version of this song at home in Oakland, going through lows in love and life. I was experimenting with darker production and more droney melodies, which I felt encompassed the monotonous feeling of just getting through the motions that were my life at the time.”

As “Make It Up” captures the essence of Halloween and the darker elements of human emotion, King Isis continues to prove their artistic prowess.

Watch the enchanting “Make It Up” video here.