Paul McCartney To Release New Photo Book Titled 1964: Eyes of the Storm

Paul McCartney

The Beatles’ Paul McCartney recently announced that he will be sharing a new photo book called 1964: Eyes of the Storm. The collection will include 275 photographs captured by the bassist during the rise of Beatlemania.

McCartney shares his thoughts on the upcoming book: “Anyone who rediscovers a personal relic or family treasure is instantly flooded with memories and emotions, which then trigger associations buried in the haze of time. This was exactly my experience in seeing these photos, all taken over an intense three-month period of travel, culminating in February 1964.”

He continues: “It was a wonderful sensation to be plunged right back. Here was my own record of our first huge trip, a photographic journal of The Beatles in six cities, beginning in Liverpool and London, followed by Paris (where John and I had been ordinary hitchhikers three years before), and then what we regarded as the big time, our first visit as a group to America.”

1964: Eyes of the Storm is a compilation of 35mm images taken between 1963 and 1964 in the midst of all the chaos and the media attention. It will be published by Liveright on June 13 and will feature never-before-seen portraits of John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

Watch the official announcement below: