Yeri of Red Velvet Shares Why She Almost Declined to Debut with the Group


Red Velvet‘s Yeri initially resisted joining the group, as disclosed by her during an appearance on the South Korean YouTube show Zzanbro, hosted by comedian Shin Dong-yeob. This revelation came during an episode that featured Yeri alongside fellow members Seulgi and Joy, according to SBS Star.

During their chat, Joy shared insights into the ever-changing lineup of their group during training. Initially debuting as a quartet in August 2014, Red Velvet welcomed Yeri as the fifth member in February 2015. Joy explained that Yeri was being groomed to debut with a different, younger set of trainees, creating a distinct group culture from what Red Velvet had.

Yeri shared her own perspective, expressing her initial reluctance to join Red Velvet. Her commitment to her training peers outweighed her eagerness to debut. “I told the company, ‘Then I won’t debut. I can pursue acting instead.’ I’m not sure where I found the courage to say that,” she admitted. She felt that joining the group would be akin to betraying her close friends from her training days.

Last month, in celebration of their tenth anniversary, Red Velvet released their new mini-album ‘Cosmic‘. Additionally, they announced their 2024 Asia tour ‘Happiness: My Dear, ReVe1uv’, with scheduled performances in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other locations.