IDLES Energize The Tonight Show with Dynamic Performance of “Gift Horse”


IDLES electrified The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, delivering a spirited performance of their track “Gift Horse.” The song, released in January, offers a glimpse into their upcoming album TANGK, slated for release on February 16 via Partisan Records. Ahead of their late-night appearance, the band has already teased fans with collaborations like “Dancer” featuring LCD Soundsystem and “Grace.”

During their Fallon performance, frontman Joe Talbot’s exuberant energy radiated as he belted out the song’s distinctive chorus: “Look at him gooooo!” Talbot had previously described “Gift Horse” as a vibrant anthem, proclaiming, “Look at us go! Music and movement for you and yours. Be bold and ride us like the disco donkeys we are.”

In a touching tribute, IDLES paid homage to the late J Dilla, referring to him as “the king.” Their performance coincided with what would have been Dilla’s birthday on February 7, a poignant moment as the hip-hop pioneer passed away on February 10, 2006, due to cardiac arrest.

Renowned figures like Questlove commended IDLES for their homage to Dilla, acknowledging their ferocity on Fallon and extending birthday wishes to the late legend. Speaking to NME, IDLES shared insights into the collaborative process behind “Dancer,” highlighting the generosity and camaraderie of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Nancy Whang.

Reflecting on their forthcoming album TANGK, Talbot expressed a desire to create music that fosters connection and movement, aiming to evoke visceral emotions rather than intellectual contemplation. With TANGK on the horizon, IDLES continues to evolve, building upon the foundation laid by their acclaimed 2021 album CRAWLER.

In addition to their late-night appearance, IDLES recently joined the lineup for End Of The Road festival, adding to the anticipation surrounding their upcoming performances.