Chasing Transcendence with Karen Salicath Jamali? “Angel Calling”

Karen Salicath Jamali "Angel Calling"

There’s a tender sublimity in Karen Salicath Jamali‘s music.

Born in Denmark and currently based in NYC/ Florida, Karen Salicath Jamali‘s career took an unforeseen turn after a life-altering accident in 2012. A head injury and a near-death experience opened a new chapter in her life, where the piano became her conduit to healing. Important to note that she had never played the piano before, but this accident acted as a catalyst.

Karen Salicath Jamali, the gifted multi-award-winning composer, pianist, and producer with her visual artistry as a painter, sculptor, and photographer. Her latest release, “Angel Calling,” serves as a testament to her unique and profound connection with music, born from an unexpected twist of fate and a near-death experience.

She taught herself how to play the piano. This music helped her feel better and now it helps her listeners feel better too.

“This song came in a dream to me, and I record it just as I heard it, feeling a kind of calling, like birds calling for each other, inviting your intention in a net of notes.” – said Karen.

After 3 years of recovery, Karen decided to translate the melodies that visited her dreams into actual compositions. 7 years later, she’s dropped seven albums + over 2500 compositions. She has played at the Carnegie Hall on 8 occasions.

Why do I adore this piece?

On a purely tactile level, I love the way the two hands must operate so closely together on the keyboard. It’s like stroking a cat.

It’s a celestial dialogue, where each note and rest speaks volumes, inviting listeners into a realm where music and mystique intertwine.

Her artistic endeavors extend beyond music.

Karen’s visual artistry, showcased in 180+ exhibitions worldwide, reflects a spiritual connection with nature.

She often draws inspiration from general relativity’s “Event Horizons,” crafting pieces that go beyond physicality, aiming to touch the soul and evoke deeper emotional meaning.

Karen Salicath Jamali’s “Angel Calling” reshapes classical piano, merging subtle melodies with the essence of the natural world, creating a space for reflection and connection between the celestial and the earthly.

In a world of saturation and a storm of releases every week, Karen Salicath Jamali‘s release stood out as a unique and introspective piece, a harmonious dialogue between the artist, us, the listeners and the universe she beautifully interprets through her music.

Stream “Angel Calling” below: