Karen Salicath Jamali Presents New Single “Angel Uriel”

Karen Salicath Jamali Presents New Single "Angel Uriel"

Composer and pianist Karen Salicath Jamali has released her latest single, “Angel Uriel.” This new track channels the qualities of Archangel Uriel, known for light, love, and divine wisdom. Inspired by a dream, Karen’s composition aims to capture the angelic presence and offer listeners a serene and enlightening experience.

Angel Uriel” opens with delicate piano notes, creating a tranquil atmosphere that gradually evolves into a more intricate melody. The music reflects Uriel’s guiding light and loving wisdom, inviting listeners on a journey of reflection and peace. Karen‘s intuitive approach to composition shines through in this piece, making it both soothing and uplifting.

This release follows the success of her previous works, including the acclaimed album Angel Pollination. Known for tracks like “Angel Calling” and “Angel Jofiel,” Karen Salicath Jamali has established a reputation for her spiritually themed compositions. Her music often draws on themes of nature and spirituality, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide. Performances at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall have cemented her place in the contemporary classical music scene.

Karen Salicath Jamali‘s journey as an artist is remarkable. Originally a visual artist trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, her path took a dramatic turn after a near-death experience, leading her to discover an unexpected talent for the piano. This transformative event opened new creative avenues, allowing her to explore music as a profound form of expression.

“Angel Uriel” is now available on major streaming platforms. It continues Karen’s tradition of creating music that reaches the extraordinary, inviting listeners to explore their own inner worlds through her evocative soundscapes. Fans of her previous work will find this latest single a fitting and inspiring continuation of her musical journey.

Play Karen Salicath Jamali’s “Angel Uriel” below: