Harmony in the Midst of Chaos: Kelly Monrow on Her Soul-Stirring Single “Lead with Love”

Kelly Monrow on Her Soul-Stirring Single “Lead with Love”

In today’s interview, we are thrilled to converse with Kelly Monrow, whose latest single “Lead with Love” is a lyrical embodiment of resilience and empathy. Her music, known for its profound emotional resonance and depth, has made a significant impact. Here, we delve into the narrative and inspiration behind “Lead with Love,” understanding its connection to Kelly’s life experiences and the universal themes it embraces.

“Lead with Love” comes at a time of global unrest and division. What inspired you to write this song, and how do you hope it will impact your listeners?

There comes a point in any tough time where you just have to preserve your own peace in trying times. We wrote this song at the same time my little brother was graduating from college, and I just wanted to write something that would remind him that life isn’t always easy; war will come, people will leave, and things will change, but how we respond to all of it is what matters.

The lyrics of “Lead with Love” suggest a deep personal understanding of struggle and resilience. How have your own life experiences shaped the message in this song?

I think I am just like everyone else. We have all loved and lost, fought and lost, gained and lost… But I am learning as time goes on how important it is to laugh as much as we can, to be kind to one another, and to dance even when it’s painful.

Following your acclaimed album Scars of Venus, which focuses on women’s empowerment, how does “Lead with Love” represent the evolution of your artistic themes?

Scars of Venus was an album about the evolution of my own personal womanhood. This song really represents dropping the pronouns, the subjective experience, and singing about the collective human experience. I guess this is the evolution, ha!

Your music often intertwines personal journeys with universal messages. How do you balance these two aspects in your songwriting, particularly in “Lead with Love”?

I think it’s one and the same. We can’t sing of universal messages without our own. It is the reason we are all connected. I am learning in songwriting that my pain is the same as someone else’s, even though it’s a different experience, in a different body, in a different country, etc. The best message I can sing of is love, because no matter what, we are all the same in love and deserving of love. Love is timeless, boundless, and available to give abundantly.

The chorus of “Lead with Love” serves as an anthem for resilience. Can you share the process behind crafting such a powerful and memorable chorus?

My songwriter and I laid on the floor one day and just said to one another, “What do we want the people to feel when they hear this song? What message do we want to tell our children one day?

It is to lead with love, and if given the choice to choose love or not, to choose it, you will always win.” There is joy to be found even in the little things. laughter, dancing, sharing moments with people, smiling, watching children play, finding something simple and free that makes you feel good… Love is available for all of us to access at any time. I am a big believer that you get what you give. You give love to others, and you get love from others.

In “Lead with Love,” you encourage leading with love and empathy. How do you personally practice this philosophy in your daily life and career?

I tell people I love them and have deep conversations as often as I can by asking questions. I love asking people questions. Also, nothing makes me happier than making a great choice for myself when I am by myself and no one else is around. This, to me, is wisdom.

Your music is known for its emotional depth and soulful voice. How do you approach the vocal expression in a song as emotionally charged as “Lead with Love”?

This song is so simple and easy to sing. It didn’t require any vocal range or reaching. It goes hand in hand with the message. The simple voice goes with the lyrics. Effortless and potent, yet so simple. Some songs don’t need the vocal push. This is one of them.

kelly monrow  “Lead with Love”

The music video for “Lead with Love” showcases a diverse range of individuals. What was your vision behind this visual representation, and how does it complement the song’s message?

Normally, I direct and produce my own video, with me as the heroine in the story I create. For this song, I wanted to pull archived war footage and show the contrast of suffering, heartache, and war, etc., from heartache to the feeling of love—the feeling of love is triumphant over pain. The music video is the epitome of an example of feeling love even in the midst of pain.

As an artist who has risen from personal trials, what advice would you give to others who find themselves facing similar challenges?

If you get the chance to rise above, do so and lead with love.

Looking ahead, what themes or messages do you hope to explore in your future projects, and how do they connect to the powerful narrative you’ve built with “Lead with Love”?

I think this song has inspired me to write more “feel-good” music. I always appreciate honest lyrics and intend to write those as well. But what I need right now is to “feel good,” and I think the world could use some of that too.

Thank you, Kelly Monrow, for sharing your insights and continuing to inspire through your music. “Lead with Love” is not just a song but a poignant reminder of the power of compassion and resilience in these challenging times. We’re eager to see how your artistic journey continues to unfold and the impact it will have on your listeners around the world.

Thank you for appreciating the song and wanting to talk with me. I am always grateful.