Kelly Monrow Shares New Visuals From Debut LP ‘Scars of Venus’

Following the visuals of “The Woman” and “Jagged Heart,” Kelly Monrow drops yet another eye-popping music video for “Ain’t Mine,” from her 12-track debut album Scars of Venus. The Southern Rock artist recently debuted her ‘90s Pop/Rock and Country record, which includes songs like “Down Your Spine,” “Wounds,” “Go For Gold,” “Wake Up,” and “Pain Turns To Love.” 

“Ain’t Mine” is a mid-tempo song that pushes the new album’s powerful message; to move on and move forward. When asked about the name of the record, Monrow stated, “Each scar I carry is a badge of honor and reminder of how far I have come back into self-love and to forgive. Venus who is the Goddess of love and beauty… She too even has scars. This album is for all the women in the world with scars. I see you and I love you.”

Kelly Monrow’s vivid lyrics empower people to walk away from the things in life that aren’t meant for them. “Ain’t Mine” is her way of telling the audience to choose happiness unequivocally and own their individuality with pride, “Just bounce step away/ Change your story/ Refocus/ Shut it down/ Renavigate/ Unmoved/ Hit the kill switch/ Say bye/ Leave it behind/ Let it lie/ Buck it/ Drop it/ Cut it loose/ Deadweight/ It ain’t mine.” 

The lighthearted video for “Ain’t Mine” is directed by Darren Talent, who perfectly projects the song’s carefree energy onto the screen. Kelly Monrow’s allure throughout the footage exhibits a confident, liberated, and most importantly a happy woman. The visuals echo the fierce and powerful essence of her new LP Scars of Venus and masterfully draw audiences into that vibe.

Listen to “Ain’t Mine” on Spotify: