Jimin’s Heartfelt Tribute to BTS Journey in “Closer Than This”


In the wake of the announcement of BTS‘ hiatus, Jimin, a member of the internationally acclaimed K-pop group, has released a poignant single titled “Closer Than This.” As BTS enthusiasts globally grappled with the news of the hiatus, Jimin took to the studio to express his gratitude to the devoted BTS Army.

The single, accompanied by an official video, serves as both a thank-you note and a reflection on the remarkable journey of BTS. In the lyrics, Jimin reminisces about the group’s humble beginnings, acknowledging the shyness and awkwardness of their initial meeting. He reflects on the rapid progression of their career, emphasizing the shared experiences, support, and comfort they provided to each other through tears and triumphs.

The lyrics capture a momentous timeline, starting from their debut on June 13 and extending to the present. Even in the absence of certain members, Jimin’s lyrics convey a sense of perpetual togetherness. The chorus echoes the sentiment of closeness, regardless of physical proximity, expressing a deep connection that transcends time and space.

The official video complements the emotional resonance of the song by featuring touching footage of BTS throughout their meteoric decade in the music industry. As BTS enthusiasts navigate the hiatus, “Closer Than This” offers a heartfelt reassurance of the enduring bond between the group and its dedicated fanbase.

BTS supporters can further indulge in the BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star documentary, available exclusively on Disney+, providing an insightful exploration of BTS’ roots and the impactful journey that led them to international stardom.