PinkPantheress Clarifies Mischaracterized Comments on “Boy’s A Liar” in Viral Interview


PinkPantheress found herself caught in a web of misunderstanding after a viral misinterpretation of her comments on the original version of her breakout hit, “Boy’s A Liar,” and its remix with Ice Spice. The mischaracterization occurred when a quote from her interview with The Guardian circulated on Twitter, suggesting she had a negative opinion of both versions.

In the original quote, PinkPantheress was seemingly quoted saying, “They’re crap.” However, the artist promptly took to Twitter to set the record straight and correct the misunderstanding. She clarified that she had informed the journalist that she initially thought the original version was “crap” but expressed how the remix changed her perspective, making her love the song. PinkPantheress emphasized that she had openly shared this sentiment before.

In a tweet, she playfully exclaimed, “lord help us,” followed by a laughing emoji to downplay the severity of the situation. It appears that PinkPantheress was keen to avoid a situation similar to Doja Cat‘s recent comments about her previous albums being “cash-grabs,” which garnered strong reactions from fans.

PinkPantheress need not fret, as even major artists like Billie Eilish have shared similar sentiments about their own work. Eilish, for instance, openly referred to her hit song “Bad Guy” as “the stupidest song in the world,” a statement that resonated positively with her fan base.

As PinkPantheress clears the air, fans can continue to enjoy her music, including the acclaimed remix of “Boy’s A Liar” with Ice Spice.