Rising Rebels: The Story Behind WISEMARY’s New Release “Won’t Bow Down”

WISEMARY ’s New Release “Won’t Bow Down”

WISEMARY, the up-and-coming rock group showing great potential, has just dropped the first single, “Won’t Bow Down,” from their upcoming album. The success of the track is attributed to the special bond among the band members that fuels their musical creativity and intensity. This powerful chemistry and tight-knit relationship are essential elements in conveying the intense passion embedded in the new release.

The song’s powerful imagery and metaphors are influenced by a confusing experience with a girl, revolving around themes of manipulation and game-like treatment in love, fostering lyrical richness that will be evident in their anticipated album. The collaboration with Carl Nappa adds multidimensional enhancements to their original sound, also offering invaluable learning experiences for future projects. 

“Won’t Bow Down” sets a tone of varied emotions for the record, promising a mix of empowerment, sensuality, and reflection. Each song is infused with distinct yet interconnected flavors, reflecting personal growth and development. Although the band’s musical trajectory remains unpredictable, wthe members aim to evoke deep emotions among listeners. Their upcoming live performance promises an authentic, raw, and emotional experience, underscoring their remarkable chemistry and unfiltered passion.

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Can you delve deeper into how the dynamics between band members, especially Zach and Carson, contributed to the intensity and passion we feel in your new song “Won’t Bow Down”?

Zach: The chemistry between the band is the number one reason we can do what we do. We treat each other like brothers and I think that translates into the music. We’re tight, we’re comfortable, and we’re having a lot of fun. Being able to play off of the other guys is what inspires me to rise up to the next level and pushes Carson and I to put everything we can into writing the melody. 


Carson: A ton of our dynamics come straight from the friendship we all have between us. We really are a family at this point and have been a part of each other’s lives for so long. We are all very high-energy, high-strung, and wired people which contributes to our playing in a variety of ways. Speaking on my connection with Zach specifically, a lot of the passion from this song comes from how much I loved his melody on the very first demo we tracked at the studio almost a year ago. From there I just obsessed over how open the song sounds. All of the guys in the band did a fantastic job creating space so the song has tension and can breathe.

How did the confusing experience with the ‘girl’ influence the powerful imagery and metaphors used in the song? Can fans expect a similar lyrical richness and stories in the upcoming album?

Zach: The lyrics to “Won’t Bow Down” came about after the chorus popped into my head one night. I had just gotten home from a night out with some friends and the girl in question happened to be there. By that point, Carson and I had both lost interest in her, but the way it felt like she played us stuck with me. Since it was fresh in my mind, the words seemed to fall into place, building around the theme of treating love like a game. 

The last lines of the chorus “Treat me like a pawn, when no when made you Queen” were the lyrics that would serve as a basis for the rest of the song. In that way the metaphor served to emphasize the feeling of being manipulated. While the song is based on my experiences, I wanted my lyrics to have a sense of universality. The story is about a girl, but it could be read to be about a number of different people or ideas. I think that the metaphors help to promote that idea, maybe it means something specific to me, but the listener will have an entirely different perspective on it. 

When writing the upcoming releases, I kept a lot of the same ideas in mind. I tried to focus on using figurative language to paint a picture that was relatable and had a sense of depth to it. While this song in particular was written about one girl, almost the rest of the album was about another. When listening in the right order our album tells the story of the rise and fall of a young relationship, it’s something I hope the lyrics convey effectively.

With inspirations ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Foo Fighters, how have these legendary artists shaped the unique sound of WISEMARY, and how is this reflected specifically in “Won’t Bow Down” and the forthcoming album?

Carson: For me as a musician, in general, I have really been struck by how much random things from artists inspire me in different ways. I can point to riffs here and there and tell you what picture I was trying to paint in reference to some of my favorite artists and musicians. However, as a whole, all of our influences are so different it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what bands inspire our sound on one level. For example, I’m inspired more by the tone, feel, and intention of the music. Not just specific riffs and hooks. I am always trying to capture a specific feeling regardless of the notes that I am playing.


Working with the Grammy-nominated Carl Nappa must have been exhilarating. How has his touch enhanced the band’s original sound and what have you learned from this collaboration that will be brought into future projects?

Carson: Carl’s touch has enhanced our sound on a multi-dimensional level. He was so persistent and constantly pushing for more that we would leave the studio feeling like the kings of the universe or feeling absolutely defeated. One of the biggest things I’ve taken away from working with him for the last two years is that the words don’t matter (in a melodic/musical sense). 

The only thing that matters is the context. You can say the same thing a million different ways, but some things are more important and deserve to be said over others. I think he also understands a lot of my musical influences on a deeper level than most and knows how to get certain tones and techniques out of me that I was not sure I had.

How does “Won’t Bow Down” set the tone for the rest of the album? Will listeners embark on a journey of empowerment and rebellion against coercion as they dive into the entire tracklist?

Zach: I think that’s definitely an angle that listeners could take. I mentioned it above but the album really centers around a relationship I was in, right when I joined the band. It takes the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of a young romance and reflects on them from different perspectives. 

We wrote this album across the course of that relationship and it allowed me to write about each period through a different lens. Some of the songs are empowering, some of them are a little sexy, and some face down regret and those feelings of what if. We really came together and I think each person’s part helps to represent those emotions and tell a story that connects with the listener.

Carson: There is a lot of the same attitude that “Won’t Bow Down” portrays on the upcoming record however, there are still many different broader flavors yet to be heard. A lot of my riffs and ideas were written during an odd time of growth and personal development. Every song is like a different kid in the same familiar. They all have the same DNA and blood but at the same time, have different and unique personalities. There is definitely something that everyone can enjoy on this record.


“Won’t Bow Down” marks a significant milestone as your debut original music release. How do you foresee this song and the upcoming self-titled record influencing WISEMARY ’s musical trajectory and identity in the rock n roll landscape?

Carson: That’s a really hard question to answer with certainty. If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that in this business, nothing is predictable. The only thing I hope for is that people can identify something about themselves in our music. No matter the size of the audience, as long as people can find something in our songs that makes them feel any kind of emotion, I believe it is a job well done.

Your upcoming performance alongside The Urge at The Pageant is highly anticipated. How will this new single and other tracks from the album be integrated into your set, and what unique experience should the audience be prepared for?

Ryan: We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to play our debut album for a new audience. I’m excited to see how they will react to our sound and to share the stage with The Urge will be surreal. 

Carson: My favorite thing about our live shows is our unpredictability and chemistry. We really just love to play live and play with each other. There are no tricks, no tracks, and no clicks. We’re raw, we’re emotional, good, bad, or great there is nothing any of us would rather be doing than playing our instruments and having a blast on stage together.

Listen to “Won’t Bow Down” here: