WISEMARY Unravels “Won’t Bow Down”: A Prelude To Their Self-Titled Album


St. Louis-based WISEMARY, famed for captivating classic rock renditions, introduces fresh original music. The debut single “Won’t Bow Down,” reflects the band’s passionate journey. Created during the making of their imminent self-titled album, and honed by Grammy-nominated Carl Nappa, the track is a testament to their intensity and commitment, earning its place as a standout piece.

Zach Rehagen, WISEMARY’s lead singer, teams up with Ryan Litteken on bass, Carson Kilo wielding the lead guitar, Andrew Martin on drums, and Evan Gay playing the rhythm guitar. The band’s new song is inspired by a girl who bewilderingly captivated both Rehagen and Kilo with her elusive allure. Both were intrigued yet left in limbo, uncertain of her true affections.


The girl’s puzzling magnetism drove both Rehagen and Carson into a state of exasperation, feeling like pieces in a playful, manipulative game. This sentiment inspired the chorus of “Won’t Back Down,” rich with chess metaphors highlighting themes of strategic emotional manipulation. The lyrics, a tapestry of diverse experiences, are crafted to resonate universally, enhancing their depth and appeal.

WISEMARY’s “Won’t Bow Down” weaves vivid imagery with bold proclamations of independence. Lyrics like “I sold my shadow/So I could leave a mark” and “I won’t bow down” embody a spirited self-affirmation. The song narrates a resolute journey of liberation, defiance against being subjugated or deemed insignificant, and empowerment in the face of daunting adversity and pressure.

Each member contributes a distinct mix of influences to WISEMARY’s sound, integrating iconic elements from legends like Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, and Foo Fighters. This eclectic inspiration has led to memorable live shows, including a remarkable performance at Arrowhead and enthralling audiences at St. Louis’s Grub and Groove festival. They will also be performing at The Pageant in St. Louis this November, where they’ll share the stage with The Urge.

Listen to “Won’t Bow Down” here: