Madonna’s Celebration Tour Setlist Takes Fans on a Four-Decade Journey


After much anticipation, Madonna has finally hit the stage for her highly-awaited Celebration Tour. The tour’s first leg kicked off on October 14, 2023, in London at The O2 Arena, with a North American leg scheduled to follow in mid-December, running through April.

With a career spanning four decades and a multitude of hit singles and albums to her name, Madonna’s loyal fans have been eager to find out which songs she will be performing during this monumental tour.

Madonna’s setlist for the Celebration Tour is nothing short of impressive, as it artfully encompasses her extensive career, delving into her biggest hits, heartfelt ballads, and cherished deep cuts.

Here’s a glimpse into the setlist:

  1. “Nothing Really Matters”
    • Kicking off the night with emotional depth and vocal prowess.
  2. “Everybody”
    • A nod to Madonna’s early days and the song that introduced her to the world.
  3. “Into the Groove / Hollywood”
    • A medley that bridges the past and present, showcasing her enduring relevance.
  4. “Burning Up”
    • A fiery performance that reminds us of her edgier side.
  5. “Open Your Heart”
    • A classic love anthem that resonates with fans of all generations.
  6. “Holiday”
    • Taking us back to carefree summers and dance floors.
  7. “Live To Tell”
    • An intimate moment, displaying Madonna’s vocal range and emotive power.
  8. “Virgin Mary / Act Of Contrition”
    • A spiritual interlude with an edge.
  9. “Like A Prayer”
    • An all-time favorite that gets the crowd singing along.
  10. “Erotica / You Thrill Me”
    • A bold choice that reminds us of Madonna’s fearless artistry.
  11. “Justify My Love”
    • A sultry classic that still oozes sensuality.
  12. “Hung Up / Hung Up On Tokischa”
    • Blending the old with the new in a danceable mashup.
  13. “Bad Girl”
    • A reflection on love and loss with a signature Madonna twist.
  14. “Up Down Suite / Break My Soul (Queens Remix)”
    • A high-energy section to keep the party going.
  15. “Vogue”
    • A timeless hit that demands iconic choreography.
  16. “Human Nature”
    • Madonna’s unapologetic anthem of self-expression.
  17. “Crazy For You”
    • A tender moment for the romantics in the audience.
  18. “The Beast Within”
    • An electrifying performance that showcases Madonna’s versatility.
  19. “Die Another Day”
    • A reminder of her contribution to film soundtracks.
  20. “Don’t Tell Me”
    • A moment of reflection on resilience and empowerment.
  21. “Mother And Father”
    • A tribute to her personal journey and experiences.
  22. “I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor cover)”
    • A nod to the classics that inspired her.
  23. “La Isla Bonita”
    • A taste of the exotic and the influence of different cultures in her music.
  24. “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”
    • A Broadway-inspired performance that showcases her vocal prowess.
  25. “I Don’t Search I Find”
    • A track from her more recent work, proving her continued relevance.
  26. “Bedtime Story”
    • A dreamy and ethereal moment in the set.
  27. “Ray Of Light”
    • An up-tempo track that ignites the crowd’s energy.
  28. “Rain”
    • A reminder of her impact on the pop music landscape.
  29. “Like A Virgin”
    • A provocative classic that never goes out of style.
  30. “Bitch I’m Madonna / Give Me All Your Luvin'”
    • A contemporary twist with a mix of old and new hits.
  31. “Celebration / Music”
    • Ending the night with an upbeat party anthem.

Madonna’s Celebration Tour setlist is a testament to her incredible career, encapsulating the essence of her music and artistry over the years. Fans attending the tour are in for a nostalgic yet refreshing journey through her iconic discography.