Tygriz Unleashes Raw Emotions And Big Dreams In “Stupid Parties”

Versatile American artist, Tygriz, drops her new release “Stupid Parties.” Mixing pop, R&B, and rap, she hits the nerve of every college kid who’s ever felt out of place amid the wild party scene. The song dives into the push and pull between wanting to fit in and the emptiness that can come with the excess of it all. It’s a raw look at the lonely side of a packed room.

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The lyrics cut deep, highlighting a craving for real, close connections, a message brought home in lines that make listeners stop and think: “Baby can’t you see I’m about to leave/ Til I hear you say that you want me/ Now we’re both sitting on these sheets/ All I wanna see is your eyes on me/ Baby can’t you see that I’m breaking down/ Gotta get away cuz I hate this town/ Do ya like its work, but I’m playing around/ Music to my ears got you safe and sound.”


Tygriz’s latest song, a piece she single-handedly wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered, is a mix of emotions. It takes the audience through the love-hate relationship with wild parties, expressed vividly in lines like “I hate these stupid parties/ Where things get taken too far and/ I hate moving through bodies/ That smell like booze and molly/ I hate these stupid parties/ Where I lose my heart at.” Despite the clear aversion to the chaos, an undertone of affection lingers.

After dropping “Stupid Parties,” Tygriz is on a roll, ready to release more hits, including a song touching on her tough upbringing. She’s got big dreams, like a space-themed music video and teaming up with international artists. The singer and songwriter is a self-made star, teaching herself piano and beat production. Inspired by legends like Eminem and Beyoncé, she’s as adaptable as she is tenacious.

Listen to “Stupid Parties” here: