Olivia Rodrigo Hints at Possible Guts Tour: Fans Eager for Live Shows

olivia rodrigo

 Olivia Rodrigo fans have been eagerly awaiting her sophomore album, GUTS, set to release tomorrow. The album has been teased with tracks like the poignant ballad “vampire”  and the playful anthem “bad idea right?,” However, the burning question on fans’ minds is whether Olivia will take these songs on tour. In a recent interview on Capital Breakfast, the pop sensation hinted at the possibility. “Ooh, it’s all in the works. I can’t say anything yet, but I’m so excited to play all these songs in a live show,” she revealed. “I wrote this album with a tour in mind, so I think they’re all songs I want people to sing in a crowd, so hopefully that’s what is achieved.”

While there are no tour dates announced yet, Olivia’s comment leaves fans hopeful for an imminent announcement.

Regarding the song bad idea right?,”  Olivia Rodrigo shared a playful origin story. “‘Bad Idea Right?’ started with us making a joke song about me hooking up with an ex-boyfriend, but then we realized we were actually onto something,” she explained. “We were throwing the weirdest things at the wall — in one of the choruses there’s a part that sounds like an instrument in the background, but it’s me gradually screaming louder and louder.”

Stay tuned for Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts album release on September 8 via Geffen, and keep an eye out for those tour dates!