Olivia Rodrigo Returns with Playful New Single “bad idea right?” from Upcoming Album GUTS

olivia rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo, the rising star known for her introspective songwriting, has unveiled the second single from her highly anticipated sophomore album GUTS. Titled “bad idea right?,” this new track takes a departure from the serious tone of her previous single “vampire” and offers a lighthearted perspective on post-relationship dynamics.

In contrast to the soul-searching nature of “vampire,” “bad idea right?” playfully explores the contemplation of rekindling a connection with an ex-lover. The lyrics weigh the pros and cons of this decision, leading to a bold declaration: “Fuck it, it’s fine.” Set against a backdrop of rock-infused pop sounds, the song boasts an infectious, anthemic chorus that’s characteristic of Rodrigo’s style.

Rodrigo shared her excitement about the track’s different vibe, stating, “The song is pretty different from “vampire”. It shows another side of GUTS that’s a little more fun and playful,” in an email statement addressed to her fans.

Accompanying the single release is a music video directed by Petra Collins, who has previously worked on videos for Rodrigo’s hits like “Good 4 U” and “vampire.” The music video adds visual flair to the song’s energetic atmosphere.

GUTS, set to be released on September 8th via Geffen Records, marks Rodrigo’s second album after her debut SOUR in 2021. The artist shared that upcomming album was crafted during a pivotal phase of her life at 19, filled with “confusion, mistakes, awkwardness, and good old-fashioned teen angst.” The album’s pre-orders are currently underway.

While the musical landscape of the entire GUTS album remains a mystery, Rodrigo’s affinity for rock legends has been evident through her performances and interviews. Having collaborated with Billy Joel, covered Carly Simon, and expressed admiration for artists like Depeche Mode and The Cure, Rodrigo’s influences shape her evolving musical journey. She even confessed her “biggest celebrity crush” is none other than Bruce Springsteen.

As fans eagerly await the full release of GUTS, “bad idea right?” offers a glimpse of Olivia Rodrigo‘s evolving sound and the diverse themes she’s exploring in her upcoming album.