The Rolling Stones Unveil Meaning Behind Hackney Diamonds Album Title

the rolling stones

The Rolling Stones have finally revealed the meaning behind the title of their highly-anticipated new album, Hackney Diamonds. During a live press conference at the Hackney Empire, the iconic rock band explained the significance of the album’s name.

Keith Richards shared, “It got called ‘Hackney Diamonds’ because we were flinging ideas around for titles, and we went from ‘Hit And Run’ to ‘Smash And Grab.’ And somehow, between that, we came up with ‘Hackney Diamonds,’ which is like a variation of both.”

The Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger added humorously, “Yeah, it’s like when you get your windscreen broken on Saturday night in Hackney, and all the bits go on the street… that’s ‘Hackney Diamonds.’

The title not only reflects the band’s creative process but also pays homage to their roots as a London band. This upcoming album, the band’s 24th studio record, marks their first collection of original music in 18 years, following 2005’s A Bigger Bang.

Two tracks on Hackney Diamonds feature their late drummer Charlie Watts, recorded in 2019. The album was recorded in various renowned locations, including Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles, London’s Metropolis Studios, Sanctuary Studios in the Bahamas, Electric Lady Studios, and The Hit Factory/Germano Studios in New York.

Hackney Diamonds is set to be released on October 20 in various formats, and the band expressed their excitement, hoping that their fans will enjoy the album.