Is Justin Bieber Set to Remix SZA’s “Snooze”?

Is Justin Bieber Set to Remix SZA’s "Snooze"?

SZA has become known for dropping hints and surprises within her music videos, leaving fans eager to uncover what lies ahead. The guest appearances in her latest video for the hit single “Snooze,” from her second album SOS, have sparked speculation about potential collaborations.

While the NSFW behind-the-scenes teaser, released on August 13, provided a glimpse, the final music video exceeded expectations. Stars like Woody McClain from Power Book II, Young Mazino from Beef, entertainer Benny Blanco, and pop sensation Justin Bieber all made appearances throughout the visual. It’s Bieber’s cameo that has ignited rumors of a joint project between him and SZA.

According to sources like Variety, the speculation may indeed have substance. Reports suggest that an extended official remix of “Snooze” featuring Justin Bieber is in the works. Adding fuel to the fire, Justin and his wife Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber were spotted attending SZA’s SOS Tour stop in Los Angeles back in March. With this connection, the idea of a musical collaboration between Bieber and SZA seems more plausible.

SZA’s sophomore album, SOS, debuted in December 2022 and quickly ascended to the top of the charts. If the “Snooze” remix with Justin Bieber does become a reality, it could potentially find its place on the deluxe version of the album that has been hinted at for some time.

The potential collaboration between SZA and Justin Bieber has left fans excited about the prospect of two musical powerhouses joining forces.