Hayley Williams Playfully Pursues Collaboration with SZA on Regular Basis

Hayley Williams Playfully Pursues Collaboration with SZA on Regular Basis

Paramore‘s lead vocalist,  Hayley Williams, has revealed her persistent attempts to collaborate with SZA, expressing her admiration for the artist’s voice. During an appearance on the Black People Love Paramore podcast, Williams disclosed that she reaches out to SZA “weekly” in hopes of working together on a musical project.

When asked about her desired collaborations with black artists, Williams enthusiastically named SZA as a long-standing favorite due to her vocal prowess. Williams expressed her interest in exploring collaborations that align with her musical essence and allow her to delve into groovier, more immersive styles.

Regarding SZA, Williams emphasized, “SZA has, for about six years now, been the one. I’m sending the text weekly at this point.” Williams cited “Garden” as her favorite track by SZA, appreciating the artist’s entire discography for its skip-free quality.

The conversation touched on Williams‘ musical journey, highlighting her evolution from her Paramore origins and her desire to explore genres that resonate with her on a deeper level.

In recent news, Paramore unfortunately canceled the remainder of their 2023 North American tour due to Williams falling ill with a lung infection. After postponing several shows following her illness during a Houston performance, Williams acknowledged that her health took precedence over the tour’s completion.

Williams conveyed her health concerns to fans via her Instagram Stories, stating, “My lungs are just not healing quickly enough to keep up. It got a little scary tonight.” She expressed her disappointment about canceling the last two shows of the tour but emphasized her need to prioritize her well-being.

As Hayley Williams continues to navigate her musical aspirations and health considerations, her pursuit of collaborating with SZA showcases her dedication to creating meaningful and authentic music experiences.