Conan Gray Embraces Freedom in New Single “Winner”

Conan Gray is diving headfirst into a new era of music with his latest release, “Winner.” The young pop star is shedding the weight of a toxic relationship and declaring his newfound freedom.

Set against a melancholic piano melody, Gray uses “Winner” to express his decision to stop trying to prove his worth to someone who has caused him immense pain. He conveys that this person is the “winner” of a game he no longer wants to participate in.

The only thing you’ve proven / Is that there’s no one who ever has done better / At making me feel worse / Now you really are the winner,” Gray sings on the chorus.

While “Winner” is a collaboration with Grammy-winning producer Greg Kurstin, Gray penned the lyrics himself.

In a statement, Gray shared, “I wrote this song at 2am. Everything at the piano just spilled out all at once. It was a moment where I finally felt like, ‘Fine. great job. You did it. You hurt me more than anybody ever could hurt me,’ and it oddly felt nice. I see now that there is a certain freedom that comes from recognizing that you’ve been hurt. in no longer running, and just facing the fact that ‘you win. You hurt me.’ I hope this song helps people find a little piece of that freedom.

Conan Gray‘s “Winner” marks a powerful declaration of independence and self-awareness, offering a resonating message of moving forward from painful experiences.

Listen to “Winner” here: