Conan Gray Unveils a New Musical Chapter with ‘Never Ending Song’

Conan Gray

On May 19, 2023, Conan Gray, the celebrated American singer-songwriter, unveiled his newest track, “Never Ending Song”, accompanied by a music video. This catchy single marks his triumphant return to the music scene after nearly a year-long hiatus since his 2022 sophomore album, “Superache”.

Co-written by Conan Gray, Max Martin, and Ilya Salmanzadeh, and produced by Max Martin and ILYA, “Never Ending Song” explores the challenging saga of a persistent, tumultuous relationship. In a press statement, Gray mentioned, “The story just drags on and on. Maybe that’s by design, or maybe you secretly don’t want it to ever end.” Gray’s knack for concealing profound sorrow within upbeat tunes underscores his coping strategy in life – not taking himself too seriously and finding amusement amidst life’s inherent hardships.

Gray continued to describe the song as a reflection of his current self, a celebration of emotions rather than a lamentation. He emphasized the beauty of evolving and changing collectively, presenting “Never Ending Song” as the introduction to a new narrative. The music video, directed by Bardia Zeinali, showcases Gray grooving down the aisles of a supermarket, enveloped in ’80s-inspired visuals.

Gray’s vision for the “Never Ending Song” music video revolved around embodying a universal experience – the desire to spontaneously dance when a favorite song plays. He envisaged a world where everyone’s lives rhythmically align with the beat of their beloved tunes. Gray concluded, “‘Never Ending Song’ is that kind of song.” His newest offering thus reflects a desire to engage with music that inspires an outpour of emotion, complete with a spontaneous dance break.