Exclusive With John Beat On Evolving Soundscapes, Collaborations, & Artistic Growth

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Promising Swiss producer, John Beat, discusses his latest track, “Dime Que,” featuring Camila.  With a focus on intertwining emotions and music, he talks about how he played with rhythm and soundscape to amplify the song’s intense longing and desire. 

John‘s journey of growth from previous singles like “Cycle” and “Northern Star” to his current work was explored, showcasing an evolution in his artistic expression. Beat provided insights into his process of infusing personal experiences into his music, creating a resonating narrative. 

He also revealed his fascination with the Latin genre and a willingness to explore various styles in his upcoming songs. As a young artist, John expressed his unique approach to music-making and the significance of collaborations, hinting at exciting releases to come, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what’s next in his dynamic career.

Check out the full interview below.

In “Dime Que,”  the lyrics convey a sense of intense longing and desire. How does your musical arrangement enhance and mirror these emotions throughout the song?

I really played around with the rhythm to bring out those emotions. The soundscape also played a key role here, with softer tones really setting the mood. When it comes to the arrangement, I’d say it’s more about weaving a vibe that matches the feelings. It’s not so much about the technical aspects, but more about what resonates emotionally. 

There’s no rulebook, just going with what feels right, making it an intuitive process. So, it’s all about rhythm, sounds, and that gut feeling, working together to create a musical backdrop that echoes the intense emotions in the lyrics. It’s that artistic synergy that really makes “Dime Que” hit home.

The collaboration between you and Camila is a significant aspect of this new release. How do your artistic contributions intertwine to create a cohesive and immersive experience?

Together, we’re like two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly, each enhancing the other’s strengths. Camila’s distinctive vocal range and gentle voice blend harmoniously with my instrumental arrangements, adding depth and emotion to the music.

john beat

Earlier this year, you introduced “Cycle” and “Northern Star.” In comparing these prior releases to your latest work, how do you perceive your artistic growth? What parallels and distinctions do you observe?

When I think about dropping “Cycle,” “Northern Star,” and “Dancing Alone,” earlier this year and now looking at what I’m putting out, there’s definitely been an evolution in my artistic journey. Every song is like its own little world with a unique story to tell. 

“Cycle” in particular, was a fun exploration into a different genre, adding some extra flavor to the mix. What’s pretty clear is that my production is getting stronger with every new release. I’m constantly pushing myself to fine-tune my skills, play around with sounds, and make sure every detail hits just right. 

Every track I make is like another chapter in my journey, and I’m loving where it’s taking me. So yeah, when you listen to my latest songs, you’ll still feel that core vibe, but get ready for a whole new dimension.

Every release of yours carries a distinct narrative stemming from personal inspiration. Could you elaborate on your process of weaving real-life events into songs that deeply resonate with listeners?

Creating music is like painting a picture! Every production has its own vibe, and when I’m in the middle of it, I dive deep into a certain emotional world. My goal is to create the song so that it effortlessly matches that mood. It’s kind of like being an artist in front of a blank canvas. Each musical element is like a brushstroke that brings me closer to the final picture – the song itself. It’s about mixing those elements to create something that resonates and tells its own story.

Having explored genres like hip-hop and EDM, are there any specific styles you’re eager to delve into for your upcoming releases?

Lately, I’ve been particularly captivated by Latin music. This fascinating trend has introduced me to a whole range of genres that I was previously unaware of and sparked my curiosity to delve deeper into their unique sounds and influences. 

As a producer, I stand behind the idea of versatility as a driving force for creative development. Each genre brings its own artistic challenges and opportunities, and I believe that stepping into new genres encourages growth and refinement in my productions. It’s like trying out different spices in a recipe. 

Therefore, my upcoming releases promise to include elements from a variety of styles. By remaining open to all genres, I aim to continually push boundaries and create music that will resonate with a wide and diverse audience.

Considering your comparatively young age among well-established DJs and producers, how do you envision carving a distinct niche among these influential figures? How do you believe your talent compensates for any experiential gaps?

For me, it’s not about competing with established DJs and producers. I thrive on being around musicians who are more experienced than I am – it’s how I learn and grow. I’ve spent years honing my production skills and taking lessons. Established artists offer valuable insights that help me identify areas for improvement that I might miss on my own. Rather than aiming for a specific niche, I create music out of sheer passion. It’s my genuine love for music that drives me. 

While it’s incredible when people connect with my music, I’m not driven by commercial pressures. This freedom truly allows me to create from a place of authenticity. In the words of Rick Rubin, “The time for commercial considerations is after the work is complete.” This philosophy resonates with me. Ultimately, my focus is on producing music that resonates with others, and the rest follows naturally.”

john beat

Are there any upcoming singles or music videos that your fans should be on the lookout for?

Of course, there is a ton of content to be released. To accompany the music, I’ve also got some great music videos lined up for the upcoming songs. The next release will be at the end of September. Stay tuned!

You’ve expressed enthusiasm for collaborations. Are there specific producers, singers, or artists you’re eager to work with?

I like collaborations – they bring a fresh vibe to the table. I have a list of producers, singers, and artists that I love to listen to. At the same time, there’s a huge world of talent out there that I’ve yet to discover. I’m wholeheartedly open to any requests that come my way. Whether it’s someone I already know or a new face I haven’t worked with yet, I’m genuinely excited about the prospect of collaboration. So, if you’re thinking about a collaboration, I’m all ears to explore the possibilities.

Recognizing the potential in reviving old classics, as seen with numerous successful remixes, are there particular songs you’re interested in reimagining with your unique approach?

At the moment I have so many ideas in my head that I like to process them first. I haven’t thought about a specific remix of an old song yet. However, it is not excluded.

For emerging producers, discovering their signature sound often involves experimentation. Can you pinpoint a particular moment when you took a musical risk with your production? How did this experience influence the direction of your artistry?

One memory that has stuck with me in particular is the decision to team up with other artists – that move really turned things upside down for me. And then there’s “Cycle” – this track was something completely different from my usual EDM songs. I went full-on with acoustic sounds, and it was a pretty wild experiment that pushed my boundaries. Overall, I think I’ve become “bolder” in my productions. I’m still hungry for more. I have plans to get involved with even more elements in the future – so keep an ear out.

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