Maggie Rogers Joins Zach Bryan for a Surprise Performance of “Dawns” in LA

Maggie Rogers

Zach Bryan‘s Burn, Burn, Burn Tour made a stop at Arena in Los Angeles on August 23, and it brought with it an unexpected and captivating moment as Maggie Rogers joined Bryan on stage for a powerful rendition of their collaborative song, “Dawns.”

“Dawns,” a standout track that has already earned recognition as one of the best songs of the first half of 2023 by Uproxx, beautifully showcases the synergy between Bryan and Rogers. The song, while not confined by genre, combines their distinct vocal styles with a driving string section, creating an emotional and resonant experience for the audience.

Philip Cosores, who captured a video of the performance, previously commented on the song’s impact: “While his sound veers closer to the outlaw lane, this one-off collaboration with Maggie Rogers isn’t really a country song at all, showing the range and possibility for a young artist that doesn’t have expectations yet to defy. But while the male-female vocal tradeoffs and driving string section underscore the song’s emotional pull, it’s in Bryan’s words that he demonstrates his power, evoking his mother’s death, his relationship’s disillusion, religion, and the passing of time. Bryan is turning out great songs by the dozen these days, but ‘Dawns’ is one of his best yet.

This unexpected performance comes as Maggie Rogers wraps up her Summer Of ’23 Tour and prepares to release her highly anticipated third album. Rogers has been recognized for her unique sound and artistic expression, making her collaboration with Zach Bryan a harmonious meeting of their musical talents.

The Burn, Burn, Burn Tour showcases the artistry of Zach Bryan, an artist signed under Warner Music, and his ability to captivate audiences with his distinctive sound. The collaboration with Maggie Rogers on “Dawns” exemplifies the dynamic nature of both artists and their commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

As fans in Los Angeles were treated to this memorable performance, it’s evident that “Dawns” continues to make a lasting impact, uniting two talented musicians in a truly exceptional musical moment.