Taylor Swift Announces “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” and Receives Standing Ovation at L.A. Show

Taylor Swift Announces "1989 (Taylor's Version)" and Receives Standing Ovation at L.A. Show

Taylor Swift ‘s fans were in for a thrilling surprise at her final Los Angeles Eras Tour show. During the acoustic segment of her performance, the pop superstar, who had been donning costumes in shades of blue reminiscent of her 2014 album 1989, announced the re-release of her first Grammy-winning pop album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), scheduled for October 27.

Swift expressed her gratitude to her fans, acknowledging their unwavering support for her journey to regain ownership of her music. She stated, “Since I was a teenager, I wanted to own my music. The way to do it was to re-record my albums, and the way that you have embraced … that you have celebrated, that you really decided that it was your fight too, and that you were 100 percent behind me … I will never stop thanking you for that.”

She further teased her upcoming album by unveiling the cover art and release date on a big screen, followed by a performance of “New Romantics,” a beloved track from the deluxe edition of the record.

On her Instagram, Swift shared her enthusiasm for this re-record, describing it as her “most FAVORITE re-record” due to the inclusion of the “5 From the Vault” tracks. She expressed disbelief that these tracks were left behind and hinted that they will soon see the light of day.

FOXBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS - MAY 19: EDITORIAL USE ONLY Taylor Swift performs onstage during "Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour" at Gillette Stadium on May 19, 2023 in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

The emotional evening continued as Swift received an astounding 8-minute standing ovation from the crowd after her performance of “Champagne Problems” during the evermore segment of the show. Overwhelmed by the response, she affectionately addressed her fans, exclaiming, “You’re playing with [emotions] right now. I love you so much … That was so nice.”

Throughout her Eras Tour, Swift has left an indelible mark on fans and celebrities alike, drawing attention from a range of famous attendees including Gigi Hadid, Meghan Markle, Reese Witherspoon, Channing Tatum, and more.

Swift’s dedication to reclaiming her artistry and connecting with her fans continues to define her career, making the announcement of “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” a monumental moment in her musical journey.