Måneskin Teases New Single “Honey! (Are U Coming?)”

Måneskin Teases New Single "Honey! (Are U Coming?)"

Italian rock sensation Måneskin has excited fans with a preview of their upcoming single titled “Honey! (Are U Coming?)“. The band, whose third album Rush! dropped in January, shared a tantalizing snippet of the new song on social media on August 8, leaving fans eager for more.

While the exact release date for the track remains undisclosed, Måneskin assured their followers that it is “coming soon.” The announcement was accompanied by an official visual, offering a brief five-second glimpse into the song, featuring the captivating vocals of frontman Damiano David.

In an exclusive interview in June, bassist Victoria De Angelis hinted at the band’s creative endeavors, teasing that Måneskin had been “doing some nice stuff” with regards to new music. Guitarist Thomas Raggi added to the anticipation, revealing a collaboration with Jordan Fish from Bring Me The Horizon. The collaboration was described as a joyful jamming session that took place in London after a chance meeting at the BRIT Awards.

Måneskin‘s popularity continues to soar, with plans to grace UK and Ireland audiences with headline arena shows in Manchester and Dublin as part of their extensive 2023 world tour. The band’s journey will then take them across North America, South America, Australia, and Asia in the coming months.

Måneskin backstage at Glatonbury 2023. Credit: Andy Ford for NME

As Eurovision 2021 winners, Måneskin has already left their mark on the music scene. Their performance at London’s The O2 in May was followed by memorable appearances at Primavera Sound and the iconic Glastonbury Festival, solidifying their status as an international sensation.

Stay tuned for the much-anticipated release of “Honey! (Are U Coming?)”, as Måneskin continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their electrifying rock sound and undeniable charisma.