“Barbie” Soundtrack Review: A Diverse Mix of Hits and Misses

Margot Robbie Barbie

2023’s cinematic battleground between “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” has taken the world by storm, and the “Barbie” soundtrack is no exception. Legendary producer Mark Ronson teamed up with director Greta Gerwig to create a soundtrack that captures the essence of Barbie‘s world while featuring the hottest pop stars of the moment. The result is a mix of campy, meta, and energy-filled tracks that aim to tickle your pink-loving heart.

The album opens with Lizzo‘s smooth disco number, “Pink,” showcasing her effortless charisma. The song cleverly touches upon Barbie’s existential crisis with lines like “Pink! Pretty! Eye? Intelligent! In! Never Sad. Kay? Cool!…” Sam Smith‘s 80s-inspired “Man I Am” adds a hilariously campy touch, foreshadowing Ken’s codependent predicament. Smith’s vocal range, from deep and smoky to diva-like, fits the song’s tone perfectly, delivering a pitch-perfect piss-take of machismo.

Billie Eilish‘s haunting “What Was I Made For” becomes the soul of the album, with her sincere delivery and deeply personal lyrics resonating with Barbie’s struggles: “Think I forgot how to be happy / something I’m not, but something I can be.” The delicate arrangement complements Eilish‘s whispery vocals, conveying Barbie’s deepest secrets.

The album surprises listeners with unexpected contributions, such as Ryan Gosling‘s glam power ballad, where he impressively sings about “blonde fragility” and hits every note. However, some heavyweight contributors fall short of expectations. Charli XCX‘s “Speed Drive” disappoints with lackluster verses and odd vocal processing, despite a fantastic chorus. Dua Lipa‘s “Dance The Night Away” feels like leftover material from “Future Nostalgia,” not showcasing her full potential. The most significant letdown comes from Ava Max‘s “Choose Your Fighter,” a song eerily similar to her own “Kings & Queens,” which itself bore similarities to Bonnie Tyler’s work.

Despite some underwhelming moments in the latter half, “Barbie” offers a diverse mix of sounds that pay homage to the iconic Mattel muse. From highs to lows, the soundtrack embodies Barbie Land’s ups and downs, leaving fans with a memorable musical journey.