Emily Kinney’s New Single “B or C for Effort” From Upcoming Album “Swimteam”

Image of Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney, the acclaimed American actress and singer-songwriter, has offered fans a glimpse into her forthcoming album “Swimteam,” set for release on September 22, 2023. She has recently debuted “B or C for Effort,” the third single from this much-anticipated album.

The song, unveiled on July 14, 2023, dives deep into the emotional tumult of a failed past relationship, serving as a critique of a partner who fell short of the most fundamental expectations. Co-written with producer Ben Greenspan, the poignant track exhibits Kinney‘s proficiency in transforming personal experiences into relatable song narratives.

B or C for Effort” provides a sincere exploration of relationship dynamics, offering a direct yet empathetic perspective. Emily Kinney shares the raw emotions experienced during a breakup, vividly encapsulating the trials and lessons learned along the way.

Speaking on the release, Emily Kinney stated, “B or C for Effort kicks off Swimteam, a breakup album. It’s my favorite song on the record and possibly one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. And although the lyrics might seem like just a series of lyrics bitterly passing judgment on my ex (which they are), I’ve also always really loved the idea that earth is just a big school and we come down to earth and be human to learn lessons about love and expand our consciousness and one of the ways we do that is through relationships.”

This introspective single exemplifies the thematic essence of the “Swimteam” album. A mirror to the heartbreak and emotional growth resulting from love gone awry, it sets the stage for what promises to be a powerful and authentic musical journey.

With “B or C for Effort,” Emily Kinney delivers a heartrending performance, infused with lyrics that are simultaneously bitter yet revealing of a larger philosophical perspective. It marks another significant milestone in the artist’s career, not only reinforcing her reputation as a profound songwriter but also as a resonant voice echoing universal experiences.