Emily Kinney’s “False Start” A Song About Dating Woes

Emily Kinney, the actress and singer-songwriter best known for her role as Beth Greene on The Walking Dead, has released a new song called “False Start” from her upcoming album “Swimteam”. The song is a catchy and honest reflection on the challenges of dating and rejection in the modern world.

In “False Start”, Kinney uses the metaphor of a runner who gets disqualified for starting too soon to describe her feelings of being rejected by someone she liked. She sings: “I was just a false start / You were never really into me / You were just a false start / You were never really into me / You were just a false start / You were never really into me / You were just a false start / You were never really into me”.

The song is accompanied by a simple but effective music video, where Kinney performs the song in front of a green screen that shows various scenes related to running, such as a track, a stadium, and a finish line. The video also features some clips of Kinney running in slow motion, emphasizing the theme of the song.

“False Start” is the second single from Kinney’s upcoming album “Swimteam”, which is set to be released on July 23, 2023 by Jullian Records. The album is a follow-up to her 2021 EP “Oh Jonathan”, which was inspired by her relationship with musician Jonathan Larson. According to Kinney, “Swimteam” is a more upbeat and optimistic record that explores different aspects of love and life.

Kinney is also known for her acting career, especially for her role as Beth Greene on the hit AMC series The Walking Dead. She played the youngest daughter of Hershel Greene, who became a fan favorite for her resilience and optimism in the face of the zombie apocalypse. She also appeared in other shows such as Masters of Sex, The Flash, Arrow, and The Knick.

About Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney is an American actress and singer-songwriter who was born on August 15, 1985 in Wayne, Nebraska. She started her career in theater, performing in various Broadway and off-Broadway shows such as Spring Awakening, August: Osage County, and Iphigenia 2.0. She rose to fame for her role as Beth Greene on the AMC series The Walking Dead, where she also showcased her musical talents by singing several songs on the show’s soundtrack. She has released four EPs and two albums as a solo artist, blending folk, pop, and indie rock influences. She is currently working on her third album “Swimteam”, which will be released on July 23, 2023.