Glastonbury 2023 Blondie Electrifies with “Call Me”

Image of Blondie singer of Call me

June 28, 2023 – This year’s edition of the iconic Glastonbury Festival was graced with the unmissable presence of rock music legend, Blondie, who delivered an electrifying performance of the timeless classic, “Call Me“.

With the haunting strains of the 1980 chart-topping hit echoing around the festival, there wasn’t a silent corner at Glastonbury as spectators surrendered to the magic of the moment. As Debbie Harry, the inimitable frontwoman of Blondie, belted out the lyrics, fans old and new were reminded of the band’s enduring charm.

On stage, draped in iconic Blondie style, Debbie Harry captured the audience with her spellbinding performance. From the first note of Call Me, it was clear that Blondie had not lost an ounce of their edge.

The band’s performance of Call Me wasn’t just a throwback to the golden days of the New Wave era, but a vivid demonstration of their lasting impact on the music scene. The audience at Glastonbury was a sea of euphoria, swaying to the tunes of “Call Me” with fervor.

No stranger to the festival, Blondie’s return to Glastonbury had been hotly anticipated. From their legendary debut album in 1976, to their latest release on their home label Chrysalis Records, Blondie has proven time and again their place in the annals of rock music history.

The encore of “Call Me” was met with rapturous applause, cementing Blondie’s performance as one of the highlights of Glastonbury 2023. Follow Blondie on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with their latest performances and releases.

About Blondie

Hailing from New York City, Blondie emerged in the mid-1970s, spearheading the New Wave and Punk scenes. Led by the charismatic and stylish Debbie Harry, Blondie achieved immense popularity with their eclectic mix of pop, punk, and disco, topped with compelling lyrics. Their breakthrough came in 1978 with the album “Parallel Lines” featuring the global hit “Heart of Glass”. Despite a break in the 80s, they returned stronger than ever in the late 90s, continuing to inspire a whole new generation of fans and musicians alike. With timeless classics like Call Me and “One Way or Another”, Blondie’s music continues to echo through the ages.