Palehound’s New Single “Independence Day” A Sonic Journey

Indie rock sensation Palehound has just unveiled a vibrant new track, “Independence Day”. The fresh single has drawn immediate attention with its emotionally-charged lyrics and intricate guitar work, making it a must-listen for indie music lovers.

Palehound, a.k.a. Ellen Kempner, is a Boston-based indie rocker known for her raw and intricate sound. Her highly anticipated new song, “Independence Day” is now available on most major streaming platforms. The song’s poignant lyrics, enveloped in Palehound‘s signature guitar mastery, blend together to create a rich and moving experience for listeners.

“Independence Day” takes the listener on an emotional journey, its lyrics touching on the struggles and victories of individuality. Kempner’s heart-wrenching vocals blend perfectly with the powerful guitar melodies, weaving a sonic tapestry that is both melancholic and triumphant.

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“I think there’s something truly magical about music’s ability to evoke emotions and tell stories, and ‘Independence Day’ achieves that brilliantly.” – A Fan

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About Palehound:

Boston-based artist, Palehound, otherwise known as Ellen Kempner, has consistently awed audiences with her remarkable guitar skills and thoughtful lyricism. Since her debut in 2013, Kempner’s unique take on indie rock has won her a loyal fan base and critical acclaim, cementing her place in the world of indie music.

Source: All information in this article was sourced directly from Palehound’s official press release.


Q: Who is Palehound?

A: Palehound, a.k.a. Ellen Kempner, is an indie rock artist from Boston known for her intricate guitar work and emotionally resonant lyrics.

Q: What is Palehound’s latest release?

A: Palehound’s latest single is “Independence Day,” a moving track that explores themes of individuality.

Q: Where can I listen to “Independence Day”?

A: “Independence Day” is available on most major streaming platforms.

Q: Where can I follow Palehound?

A: You can follow Palehound on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all the latest news and updates.

Q: What other artist might I like if I enjoy Palehound?

A: If you’re a fan of Palehound, you might also enjoy the music of Samia, known for her soothing sounds and thoughtful lyricism.