Boygenius Takes a Stand Against Transphobic Lawmakers, Including Ron Desantis, During Their Coachella Set.

picture of boygenius

Indie-rock supergroup Boygenius, composed of Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus, delivered an electrifying set at Coachella on April 15th. The trio, still riding high on the success of their debut album, “The Record,” played hits like “Me & My Dog” from their 2018 EP, “Boygenius,” and “Anti-Curse” and “$20” from their album.

But their set wasn’t just about the music. Boygenius also took the opportunity to voice their support for important social issues, including reproductive rights and the transgender community. Given the political climate in states like Missouri and Florida, the ladies used their platform to speak up and show their support.

Lucy Dacus, for instance, expressed her support for trans lives and trans kids, saying “Trans lives matter, trans kids matter. We’re gonna fight it and we’re gonna win.” Meanwhile, Phoebe Bridgers made her stance on reproductive rights clear, proclaiming “Abortion rocks, and f*ck Ron DeSantis” during the set.

The trio’s Coachella performance was not only a musical triumph, but a show of solidarity and support for those who are often marginalized and oppressed. The crowd was moved and empowered by Boygenius’ performance, which was equal parts mystifying, empowering, and magically queer.

Boygenius has been making waves recently with their buzzy performances, including a surprise performance at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for arriving fans heading to SXSW last month. Their powerful Coachella set is sure to continue to turn heads and gain them new fans. If you missed it, you can check out a clip of their performance on YouTube.