Speedy Ortiz’s ‘Scabs’: A Fiery Return with New Full-Time Members

Speedy Ortiz, the rock band, has released their first single in five years called “Scabs”. This song features Audrey Zee Whitesides on bass and Joey Doubek on drums, who are both longtime touring members and have now joined the band in full-time positions.

The new track was engineered by Sarah Tudzin of Illuminati Hotties and co-produced by Speedy Ortiz at Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree and the Sonic Ranch in El Paso.

According to singer Sadie Dupuis, “Living in progressive cities and working in the arts, you meet peers doing tremendous organizing work. And then there are neighbours who signal their ‘good’ politics through yard signs alone.

I wrote ‘Scabs’ standing in line at the post office, overhearing customers berate a USPS employee.” The song is about self-designated ethicists who don’t quibble about crossing a picket line for individual benefit.

You can listen to “Scabs” below.