Chad Lewine Cuts Down To The Chase On A Serious Global Concern With “Dark Nights”

Chad Lewine

Philadelphia-based artist Chad Lewine drops a pop anthem titled “Dark Nights”. The three-minute compact piece paints a vivid picture of how addiction and narcotics have infested and corrupted so many lives, and just how dark the nights can get in the arms of his crippling addiction. Lewine wrote “Dark Nights” back in 2013 after witnessing a friend relapse, which was a shocking and painful experience for Lewine himself, who later had to battle his own demons. Prevailing over his addiction not too long ago, Lewine saw fit for this track to be remastered and recorded, sharing the truth with all who listen. 

In his own words: “This song is a collective cry for help, an anthemic plea to society to take a hard look at what we are allowing into our lives via media & entertainment, and how we villainize addicts instead of doubling down on compassion and healing.”

“The majority of music being fed to our youth is not only tasteless, but toxic,” says Lewine. The earnest artist has cut down to the chase and made it his brand mission to create “Pop, For Good”, and we hope many artists will jump on this initiative to ruthlessly eradicate the toxicity and the “glamorized use and abuse of narcotics”. 

Fusing early 2010s trap-based EDM and industrial pop of the 80s and 90s with the music technology of today, Lewine pulls off a sound that is unique his. With kick, snare and bass driven productions and lyrics covering a vast subject of topics often left out of the pop canon, his extensive back catalog is a testament to his commitment to his career and mission of changing the world. He is currently 100% self funded and manages everything you see on and offline. Lewine, being a life-long professional web designer, designed and built his website and brand entirely on his own, calling upon his longtime Philly-based graphic designer colleague Jim Viola of Damn Good Brand to design his new logo. 

With a pure and noble intention to heal the world of entertainment and consequently heal generations, Chad Lewine promises more fresh music in 2023. Stay tuned!