Kesha Takes Control with Empowering New Single “Joyride”


Kesha is back with a new single, “Joyride“, marking her first release since ending her contract with Kemosabe Records late last year. The track fittingly dropped on Independence Day, symbolizing her newfound freedom.

“Joyride” is a dance track with an EDM twist on Kesha’s pop sound. Running two and a half minutes, the song is a celebration of liberation and self-expression. “Don’t even try to give me s**t/I’ve earned the right to be like this,” she sings. “Joy ride, joy ride/I’m just looking for a good time tonight.” The lyrics capture her journey towards autonomy and her determination to enjoy life.

Before the single’s release, Kesha performed “Joyride” for the first time at New York’s Planet Pride stage. “Good news: I’m a free motherfking woman,” she told the crowd. “And do you know what I want to do? I kinda wanna play my first song in almost 20 fking years … as a free motherf**king woman.” Her performance was met with enthusiastic applause.

Joyride” comes after Kesha’s fifth studio album, “Gag Order,” her last full-length release under Kemosabe Records in 2023. During her time with the label, she released five albums and three EPs while enduring a 10-year lawsuit with her former producer Dr. Luke. The legal battle, which included allegations of abuse and contract disputes, was settled outside of court, allowing Kesha to move forward with her music on her own terms.

In March, Kesha expressed her excitement about her newfound independence on social media platform X. “First day I’ve owned my voice in 19 years. Welcome,” she wrote, signaling a new chapter in her career.

Fans have eagerly awaited new music from Kesha, and “Joyride” delivers. The track’s upbeat tempo and bold lyrics highlight her resilience and creativity. It’s a celebration of personal and professional freedom and a testament to Kesha’s enduring talent.

The release of “Joyride” marks Kesha’s transition into a new phase of her career, where she has full control over her artistic direction. This autonomy is likely to lead to more innovative and authentic music as she explores and expresses herself without constraints.

For fans and music lovers, “Joyride” is available on Spotify and Apple Music. As Kesha continues this new journey, she continues to inspire with her powerful voice and unyielding spirit.

Listen to Kesha’s “Joyride” on Spotify and Apple Music below and join her in this exciting new chapter.