Perrie Edwards Discusses Her Choice to Pursue a Solo Career: “Little Mix Left Me Exhausted”

Perrie Edwards

In a recent episode of the Dish podcast, Perrie Edwards shared insights about her shift to a solo career. Joined by hosts Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett, Perrie described the transition as a gradual process rather than a sudden decision. “It wasn’t a case of waking up one day and deciding to go solo. The future was always uncertain for me,” she explained.

Perrie acknowledged that her time with Little Mix was becoming increasingly draining. “Yes, we even lost a member. Then we faced the question: ‘Do we continue or stop?’ We chose to continue, went on another tour, and eventually had our farewell,” she said.

Perrie emphasized the strong bond and mutual support within the group, dismissing any notion of personal conflicts leading to her departure. “It’s about our collective journey. We’ve been together since we were very young—I joined at seventeen—and Little Mix is a significant part of my life. I barely recall my life before the group,” she remarked.

She expressed that the decision to explore new avenues was mutual among the members, driven by a desire to try different things such as acting, singing, and fashion, which might have been difficult if they had stayed in the band.

Since her departure, Edwards has released two solo singles, “Forget About Us” and “Tears,” both reflecting her new musical direction. The former, a collaboration with Ed Sheeran, and her upcoming debut album, which includes work with RAYE, signifies her new chapter in music.